Can You Please Help Me I have a Serious Spiritual Problem!?

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Ok so my Kundalini energy is really strong at night I get panicked and start to feel like I am being overstimulated and might go insane if it rises fully. I just want to be normal want this to stop at least until I can get off probation any advice. PS I need to get up early to pbt my probation officer wont understand stuff like this please help

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Nothing spiritual about this – a fantasy of the soul.





WiFeY <3

just calm down,and take deep breaths…
dont think too much about stuff…
just relax and close ur eyes and day dream haahaha

Brother Handcannon

Try not doing Kundalini meditation as often, or do a Chakra opening meditation and release the energy until your levels are normal. As a substitute for Kundalini, you could do void meditation every other time. Kundalini ascensions greatly increase your energy, so lowering the frequency of which you do it may help you.

corey s

meditate/ calm down!! theres a medicine for u ADD/ADAH people


Search bible black in google
That can calm you down


i have no idea what u r talking about so i think ur screwed.
ps that really sucks


There’s no such thing as Kundalini energy.
What is happening to you is an anxiety attack. You might need to get on some medication and have some therapy until you can learn to recognize the underlying reasons for it, the triggers, and coping skills.
Just tell your p.o. that you’re having problems with anxiety.


Yes, your spiritual problem is death. As far as your probation office is concerned, that’s a whole different problem. How can you be so blind?


Just stop doing Kundalini for a while until u feel u’ve calmed down.. if u need to do something like this for meditation or relaxation, why don’t u just try regular yoga, pilates..etc
take deep breaths, don’t over think it.. and if u need any more help, i’m here, message me..
i’m good at calming people down! 😉
good luck

Blue Diamond

When did you realize you had ignited Kundalini? (years ago, months ago or is this a recent occurrence)?
What triggers the rise of energy at night?
Are you an experienced meditator? Do you have a teacher or guide?
How did a probation officer come to be involved in your life?
(sorry, can’t answer the Q, without more info).
—-Take er easy young one.
Edit: Angela’s answer is nice.


have u heard any Anahat Dhwani or lights before this stuff. if not then it might not be kundalini may be something else. if kundalini is awakened then don’t worry. there might be some trouble for few days and later everything be normal. i don’t have my kundalini raised but i read lot on it. try to read on it and relate your experiences with it so that u will be sure that whatever is happening is due to kundalini and not something else. read Swamiji or Ramkrishna Paramhansa


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