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Can you physically see a succubus?

And how do I summon it with a spell, ouija board, it needs to be easy no hard to find items no blood no candles no moon power ect. And also dont say anything like your going to hell or stuff about god or jesus. just give me a real answer. And maybe your email so I can talk to someone


  • For the record, I absolutely can NOT stand over half these comments. None of them are helping you at all, just berating you. To be frank, that’s their stupidity and lack of social skills at work. I know a lot about summoning myself and what it takes. I know it’s been 8 long years, but just in case anyone else sees this I’ll leave you a link to my Discord channel (don’t need to install anything, it’s just a platform for talking and typing to other people. It also has a browser version.) From there, just say hi and mention something about seeing my comment here and we can talk. I can answer just about anything, and unlike the majority of these comments I will neither berate you nor shoot you down. I’ll tell you what you need to know. https://discord.gg/YytTF6Y

    Enjoy, and may all of you reading find what you seek safely, and quickly.

  • How can I see my succubis visually and make her stronger And learn her name. It communicated the first night in a purpleish glow but was in a different language but weakly visits me when awake all through the day and night bit just a web like ticking feel like a hair rubbing against various places mainly cheeks.she’s strong while I’m lucid dreaming or awakened but I want to see her visually I did once how do I do this while awake. Thanks for your reply

  • Summoning a succubus is quiet easy it’s all based on your intent. If your worthy they will come if not they’ll with you and depending on personality may harm you or your family based on your actions. Once bound to you it is not easily undone. If you use blood it is the ultimute signature of you. However be warned using blood in a ritual you may bring dark spirits into your life if you don’t know how to dispel them. If this is what you want do some research on multiple ways to summon before you do so. Just my words of advice in Lilliths name may the gods have mercy on your soul if you are not prepared.

  • Safer to play with your dads chainsaw naked my friend. You need years of experience in ceremonial and goetic magick to do what you want to do. No self respecting magickian would make a deal or blood sacrifice from their own blood or soul. No easy ways out, magick is hard work and not for the weak of heart.

  • they have to freely or when you’re weak and vulnerable
    I had an counter with a succubus quite a few times
    But I wasn’t in my right mind I was high off of crystalmeth
    for a couple of weeks I know I wasn’t hallucinating
    but I had lots of fun with succubus very intense better than the real thing but it felt very real and very sweaty and wet
    I mean the succubus that is

  • I agree with Hendryx on all points, except I won’t assume you are looking to copulate with one (which I would again agree with him would be quite a strange goal indeed). As I answered one of your other questions, ouija boards (TM) are not tools of high magick. They’re only use is to try to get spirits to answer questions or to communicate with specific spirits of formerly living humans. Often, these are questions about the future which the spirits are unlikey to have access to and which demons would almost certainly lie about.

    If you want to talk to your dead aunt Matilda, they might be of some value, I don’t really know. If you want to evoke and control demons, they are not an appropriate tool.

    BTW, you normally need the name of a specific demon in order to summon it.

    EDIT: To summon it *intentionally*, that is. Random summoning will get you unwanted results 100% of the time.

  • Judas fukcing priest, aren’t we the lazy one?

    I want a succubus, and i don’t want to have to do anything to get one! Nice.

    Sorry to say, however… that’s not the way the world works.

    For the record, blood is not a necessity, as these know-nothings would have you believe. In fact, it’s a pretty terrible idea to begin with. No magician in their right mind makes a blood offering to ANY creature.

    Oh… and by the way… it won’t be as pleasant as you’re imagining. You don’t have the slightest idea what you’re getting into. Hell, it won’t even be female. It’ll be androgynous by its very nature. You’ll be having sex with an “it”… what need do spirits have for a penis or a vagina?

    Here’s to your misery.

  • No.you can not,you need blood even for most good voodoo spells.
    Blood of the moon hidden in a tomb.may lead to your doom.
    You may wind up calling a spirit or spirits,none too good for weak humans
    to deal with.Some things are best left alone.

  • yeah you are trying to do something without all the right things. the fact is, you do need blood and such. sorry for the disappointment. and by the way: save yourself the trouble and dont mess with that stuff.

  • sounds like you want a sex slave. cool. but you’ll have to derive the nature of the succubus from the way it’s summoned. if it’s summoned with good intent, to heal and help, you start by visualizing it. you slowly put it together in your mind, while creating energy with your hands.

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