Home Discussion Forum Can you people believe how freakin' lucky my pathetic soul is?

Can you people believe how freakin' lucky my pathetic soul is?

So first of all on the drive into work, at the first STOP sign I get to, a very sweet and petite blonde crossed directly in front of my car. Hail Eris!
Then as I was passing through the intersection that serves as a Northern gate into the downtown section of our small and magickal city, off to my right I caught a lovely vision of a lithe and oh, so milfy yoga practitioner on Her way to class. Incidentally, the studio she was headed to is one that I know for a fact helps people develop strong Kundalini energy. Hail Eris!
And finally, as I drove the last half block towards the intersection that marks the Southern exist, I had the perfect opportunity to discreetly, yet studiously, admire a powerfully equipped with hips brunette office Goddess wearing an extremely stylish pair of sunglasses and equally stylish platform sandals. Hail Eris!
The real question is: Why, oh, why is Eris so benevolent and kind to me, a mere wretch who grasps at the hem of her robe?


  1. are you sure you mean eris?
    there is kundalini yoga, however all yoga helps develop kundalini energy – which isnt sexual in nature
    congrats though…im a little confused, but im glad to hear your days gone well.


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