can you open the 8 gates of chakra in real life and get the same effects as rock lee?





i know i asked this before but i want to know by asking again. and yes i watch naruto but its a good show.


  1. Sorry to say this to everyone trying to do this but it needs to be said. First off there is no such thing as the eight inner gates at least not lile what the show says. It is true that the mimd and body restrains what you can and can not do. That being said there are a few ways to break those limits first and least dangerous is control over your adrenaline. This can break your limits at will but only for as lonh as the adrenaline last and there is only so much for so long hense why it wares off quickly in most cases and you will be sore and maybe even damage your muscles. 2 train your mind and body hard and long this increasing your limits more and more. While this is still limiting you it will have no backlash and will make you much better. The third and forth ways i know the third will break all limits but should only be used in short burst and the recoil is very bad hurts like you would not believe damages the muscles and can end up doing damage to tour mind if used to much or too long. It can even kill you if used to long. The forth well i will say if you live threw it then count your blessing. It is permanent if done right and can be used at will after the first time and the only recoil is that well once done you can never go back to being normal. I would say more about this but i can not as to do so would be too risky and i would not wish this on anyone.

  2. I am a martial artist.I always feeled What things like in animes could be posible there I started experimenting.Then I got this question if we have our energy completely in 0 what is pulling people up to keep fighting?from where did we get that energy there I discovered that 8 gates are posible.So I started testing things and finally I discovered the answer of how to open the first 7 gates.1 inner gate)you need to strength every single muscle of your body as much as you can and try to control that.2 inner gate)you need to have opened the first then in the first gate is almost impossible to be relaxed or calm so for open the second gate you need to try that relax yourself even while been hitted there you feel like the pain is less.3 inner gate)you need to concentrated all your strength in your spinal cord ,the spinal cord is connected to the points of movement in our body if we concentrated strength there then we can have an easier control so we can reach a bit further than our limits by 20% more.4 inner gate)you need to try to strength your body in your spinal cord even further than you had ever did.5 inner gate)you need to concentrated all your strength in your abdomen this force your body to reach its limits.6 inner gate)you need to see at yourself and ask what is the reason you are truly fighting ,you feel something rare in your stomatch release that as your form of strength ,is impossible to explain how to release it is a experience just you can feel but not explain it.7 inner gate)wonder about yourself for a second and ask is this my limit?can I reach further than this obviously you know yourself can reach even further so use that to break the shell and break your each of this gates has really painful but temporal effects ,for example you feel too hot.Open each one take a really hard training ,I recommend to train the resistant of your body.

  3. It is true that humans posses strength that our minds keep us from using. In certain situations, the body resorts to breaking the limit. This is due to adrenaline rushing through our bodies. Refer to the video of a man flipping a vehicle to save a life. I have a theory that it is possible through training that we can control the use of adrenaline. Our bodies slowly adjust to things that make us improve. Like the moth that over time changed its body color to its surrounding to be camouflaged. (I believe its called the black pepper moth) With training and the regular use of adrenaline, we can control the use of adrenaline to whenever we wish. This will dramatically improve our strength stamina and speed. This is scientifically possible and can be done. I am onlg 14 but i do wish to continue the study and try to have a scientific break through with time.


  5. A few things. To answer your question, I’m not entirely sure. I trained for two years via meditation, heavy physical training to strengthen my body, and I can as of yet open two of the 8 gates. I haven’t had any official tests done, but based off of my experiences, this is, like in the show, a very Very VERY dangerous technique. I managed to open the First and Second Gates. So far, they work just as explained in the show. I also needed a catalyst, something to ‘flip the switch’ for the first few times opening each Gate, and for me that was facing an opponent that I admired, who was much stronger than me. I lost to him several times before I managed to open a Gate, out of sheer refusal to keep losing to my then-rival.
    However, opening the First Gate leaves me rather tired for a day after, and opening the Second Gate made my whole body hurt intensely for three days, making it very hard for me to move without heavy pain. I will be attempting to open the third gate sometime within the coming year. Though, with how dangerous this next gate is, i might have to take two years of training, or accelerate my training regimen to 2x speed.

      • Also, I forgot to mention I did a lot of training in relation to manipulating biorhythms first as well, i.e. heart rate, body temperature, etc.

    • I am curious still, how did you open even the first 2 gates? What did you have to go through to trigger it. I am fairly new but I am trying to control and learn what secrets and abilities my body can do, the reason I say this is because I’ve only accidently pulled off something that seems unnatural a couple times. I want to break the limits and I want to save as many people as I can. After my past experiences, even at the age of 5 years old, I want to learn what my body can do and use it at will. I want to bring myself to the max and I promise I will listen to not only how but also the proper procedures I would need to take. For me, I guess my question is more on how to do it, how long it takes, what does it do?

  6. I dont know eight innar gate really exist or not.but a long ago some great people find a 5innar india.we called them kulkundolini yog.a long ago some great people known how to open them.i found that in a old book.this book i
    Was about yog sadhana.

    • I thought it was eight points in india 5 in the body privates, navel, center, solerplex(how ever you spell it), and upper chest; one in the throat and two in the head, one in the forehead, and one in the crown all in a striaght line; I could be wrong?

  7. I’m pretty sure the eight inner gates is just a representation of the eight chakras in the human body: the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat brow, third eye, and crown. and they can be opened/strengthened through meditation and training

  8. You probably could open all 8 with tons of focus and training of the mind( meditate a lot.) your body would most likely have no effects after maximum training in that state( the effects are break down of the fibers in your muscles

  9. WHat about when you are defending your self against someone/something you get this suddent strength comming out of no were, I think that could be one too ?!

  10. The Eight Inner gates are not physical gates as you think they are. They are mental barriers that we subconsciously use to limit ourselves. Push your mind and body together and it is plausible to open at least one of them. (Adrenaline rush could be considered a release of one of these ‘gates’)

  11. the rasengan chidori and sharingan is real you can do those the on the other hand the eight inner gates are real but its impossible to do untill someone figures out how to do it

  12. Yup I can ^_^ open the gates and then do Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and then I do a super Chidengan (Chidori+Rasengan) then I activate my Byukagen, Sharingan, and Rinnegan all at once. Then I defeat all of the evil ninja in the Naruto world and now the ninja world is perfect. xD jk Naruto is awsome though.

  13. i dont think you can do that but if there is a way i guess we all would have a different affect because we are all different
    and NARUTO ROCKS!!

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