Can you only spiritually grow by interacting with others?

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Can your soul evolve by being alone? Everyone says you have to help others or love others, but I feel there are other ways to bring about a higher consciousness.

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Define “higher consciousness”. Many interact (unknowingly) with demons to achieve this, thus interacting with no humans.
You can also grow spiritually with God by being alone with Him for longer periods of time. I guess you’re still interacting, though 🙂


solitude is good for the soul

Cee T

I believe that is God’s plan, especially for learning patience. The Bible even says it’s not good for man to be alone.


God is within your being, not outside of it. Spiritual growth requires nothing more of you than your willingness to be enlightened. Interaction with others helps because in them, is also the same light of God. He is in every face that we see. If you can see the God in others it’s like holding up a mirror to your soul and seeing the God in yourself. Of course you can grow spritually alone, but why would you want to work so hard by yourself when everyone around you is working towards the same thing. It’s like saying.. I want to play football, but I want to do it by myself! LOL!! Where’s your team spirit?


I think that is more of a question of personality than anything else. If you’re one of the vast majority of people that are naturally inclined towards social involvement, then I think an attempt to do otherwise would be harmful. But there may be other people who are naturally more suited to a more solitary, meditative life.


Jesus left his disciples on many occasions to pray and be with the Lord if Christianity is your cup of tea.

Shane K

To grow one needs experience. Interacting with others is a rich source of experience but I’m sure one could make surprising growth being stranded alone in the wilderness, assuming they survived.
Shane K.


Yes, and there are other ways, just knowing what you know from other past life times.Truly if you have lived past life times than you’re never alone. Spiritual growth also is gained by going through experiences, through daily struggles of life every day, every minute can account for gain, through reading, computer, whatever else you experience in so many ways. And for me, many of my experiences of spiritual growth came from the spiritual would, from God himself, and other spirits like Erica. I knew things many others in my family couldn’t comprehend, and it wasn’t easy to explain, but finally what I knew all came together for me, as I have experienced, communicated, and understood my teachers from the spiritual would that teach, guided and protected me.


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