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Can you name a few noted individuals who have achieved a higher state of consciousness?

No Star, drugs are an altered state of consciousness, and have nothing to do with reaching a high state of consciousness.


  1. Tough question for me to answer. This for two reasons. You say “noted” individuals and “higher state” of consciousness. These definitions are not perfectly clear. As far as noted, I will assume that you mean, famous or well-known, distinguished. These words show up in my thesaurus for “noted”. Finding a meaning for a higher state of consciousness is much more difficult as many different people might have many different meanings for such a thing.
    I’ve heard some people claim they have reached such a state through drugs. I don’t give much credit to these claims, however. That is not to say it is impossible. Some religions rely on chemicals to reach this higher state or something like that. Peyotism might be a good example. I don’t know much about it, but I’ve met a couple people who went to such a church.
    Some claim meditation is the key to reach a higher state. I’ve heard some rather interesting claims. A person can reach enlightenment and attain incredible powers. Some forms of Buddhism follow this line of thinking. Consider Tibetan Buddhism which claims a bodhisattva can hover in mid-air and do all sorts of funky stuff like that. In fact, these enlightened beings are said to have attained nirvana, but don’t go because of kindess for others. Again, I have no idea so I can’t claim to know much.
    Beyond these, there have been many spiritual leaders who have claimed to have truth. They say they know the path to salvation. Some of these individuals have been reported to have performed great miracles. I wasn’t there, so I can’t say.
    Among any of these examples there may be a great number of noted individuals. Take your pick. How believable they are depends upon the person listening to them. I do not believe anyone has provided any proof of such a higher state of consciousness, at least not that I have seen. But lack of proof does not mean that they are wrong. It only means they might not be right.
    Of course, I could have the meaning of your question wrong and this is all garbage.

  2. Shakyamuni, Shariputra, Nagarjuna, Vasubandhu, Kumarajiva, Tientai, Nichiren Daishonin, Mahatma Ghandi, Abe Licoln, Daisaku Ikeda. Martin Luther King


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