Home Discussion Forum Can you materialise chi/ki/prana energy?

Can you materialise chi/ki/prana energy?

As we all should know, humans have this bountiful life energy within them. So during meditation, we are actually harnessing this life energy to do its wonders in terms of healing. But in the act of telekinesis, we could actually project this energy out physically. So I am wondering whether could this life energy be materialise? If so in what form and colour? How to do so?


  1. it can be done and has been done but materializing energy and using it are not the main focuses in meditation. in fact lord Buddha said that one who does things like that is no better than a petty magician. so next time when you ask about meditation ask about how it will help you develop and improve ur mind and life not weather you can make scientific gizmo’s out of it.

  2. Yeah, you don’t have any life energy inside you. Disagree? Prove it – no one else ever has. You’ll probably win a Nobel Prize. Same for telekinesis.

  3. This is a bunch of junk, quack.
    I know this guy that wanted to harness chi engergy so he could have powers from the earth, and energy. YOu know what he is?
    A 60 year old bum who mooches off his mother, and still lives with her in the garage, and uses drugs. He’s got negative chi if you ask that.

  4. it may take a while but it works you’ll see after you truly practice the many techniques that there are, and for those who do not believe i’m telling you now don’t piss off somebody that has mastered controling it


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