Can you make your own scrying pendant?

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I have had an unbeliveable urge to get a scrying pendant but I do not have access to a store that sells them. I also do not have any “real” crystals to make it with…I have galss rocks that were given to me by a very close friend. will these work? and if so how can I make one…
Scrying pendant or pendulum is what I am talking about. I have had an urge to get one but I am not near a store that sells them. I do not have any crystals either. I have some glass rocks I adore and am woundering if I cna use them. If so, how do i make it?

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M to the R Mighty RA

“Real” crystals come free from the ground. Go fill your boots


Are you referring to a pendulum? If so, you could make it with any material you’re drawn to.
Grandpa Gay-by-Day, that wasn’t an answer to her question. Mental capacity to understand what is being asked . . . 🙂

♥ŠΛҒİ♥ ☼Ầтĥěαтi☼

You could probably buy one on eBay, or elsewhere on the internet. Have you tried???
I found some pretty ones here:


You can make you own if you want. But it is much easier and less time consuming to buy one. You can buy them at anyone of these websites:

Rai A

I’ve seen some effective ones made with all nature of material. Including some of those Asian “lucky coins”. Don’t forget the “pregnancy trick” of determining a child’s gender using some hair and one’s “wedding ring” – is just a Pendulum.
I’d suggest experimenting – you’ll learn a lot more about yourself with the experience.
Trust your inner bell.


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