Home Discussion Forum Can you make someone forget something through ways similar to hypnosis?

Can you make someone forget something through ways similar to hypnosis?

I know you can’t use hypnosis to erase pieces of someones memory but are there other ways that will work. Ways that kind of mess with the mind like hypnosis? I’m doing a project on psychology.
Actually hypnosis may be able to do this. I’ve heard otherwise from many though.


  1. There few other methods like brain-washing and mesmerizing.
    I cannot make now because I am not continuously attending the course for learning hypnotism.

  2. Hypnosis would work temporarily, just not permanently. The only other thing I can think of offhand would be a brain injury/trauma.

  3. Hi Tyra
    For a psych project you’re going to need more than the two line answers you’ll get here.
    Hypnosis can be used for amnesia but it isn’t good therapy. For example, if I make a smoker forget that they smoke imagine the scene when their friend offers them a smoke. They decline, insisting they don’t smoke. Their friend says “C’mon, I’ve known you for years and you smoke like a chimney!” You see the confusion that would cause?
    So hypno-amnesia tends to be confined to research, and in research you are probably only going to test the efficacy of amnesia in the short-term. Aaron might be right and the effect is only temporary but speaking as a clinical hypnotist with 16 years’ experience and 17,000 inductions under my belt I’m inclined to think it probably could be made permanent. After all, when I cure a phobia I cure it for ever 🙂
    Best wishes
    Barry Thain
    Clinical Hypnotist


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