Can you lose weight with an hour of Yoga everyday?

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I keep injuring my ankle with running, and so can never keep it up.
Can doing Power/Ashtanga yoga for 1 hour every day help to lose weight as much as running can?

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Yoga is nowhere close to running in terms of calorie requirements. You’d be better off swimming laps or cycling. Neither of these will bother your ankles.


yoga tones the body…combining it with cardio can make it a weight loss tool…just brisk walk if you cant run…take cod liver oil supplements too

Dee E

if you’re just looking at calorie loss within that exercise time, no, there’s not as much. however, running wears a person down quickly. they are very tired after (at least my fat ass is!) but yoga is about making you feeling better, more energized, balanced, etc. that means that throughout the day you’ll likely be more inclined to move around rather than just being exhausted. also, your mind is usually in a better state, meaning that it will be easier to keep to your diet and exercise plan.

chaker s

Yes yoga is a great way to lose weight. You’ll need to exercise and be consistent.
By the way, here is a good free yoga e-course:
All the best


You may be able to lose weight doing an hour of Yoga everyday but how long can you last? Are you going to do it for life? If not, then chances are you will stop the yoga one day and start putting back the weight you have lost.
To lose and maintain a healthy weight for life, you need to have a good diet plan that can be achieved with normal food and a good strategy and set your goals.

Arif H

Every day we experience stresses, which test our strength. Majority of us spend the whole day at the
computer, in a stuffy room. And here we start to notice overweight, which we are eager to get rid, as it’s
summer! We have no time and forces to visit a gym, but we all want looking good. Is it close to you? So, what
to do?


Have you tried the lil Jack workout?


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