Home Discussion Forum Can you lose weight from doing Tai Chi?

Can you lose weight from doing Tai Chi?

Can practising Tai Chi allow me to lose weight?
Along with some walking and diet. Prob 30 minutes of Tai Chi a day and 20 of Walking


  1. Doing anything that gets your fat ass up off the couch and outside will help you lose weight.
    What you need is consistency. Doing physical activities throughout the day everyday.
    Fitness gyms only started to pop out in the world in modern times when people could get by just fine regardless of their physical fitness.
    Cave men didn’t lose weight by going to the gym and running on a treadmill for 30 minutes a day. They were thin because they lived an active life.

  2. Of the many health benefits to be gained from tai chi, weight loss wouldn’t be top of the list. Maybe the general feeling of well-being could put someone in a better frame of mind to tackle diet and exercise though?


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