Home Discussion Forum Can you look into someone's past life by using tarot cards?

Can you look into someone's past life by using tarot cards?

When I mean past life as in reincarnated from someone, famous or not, but my friend and I are very curious, most likely I’m getting interest in divination.


  1. Not with Tarot no.
    Yoy may get better results with regression therapy, but don’t allow yourself to be lead by the horns. We are subject to suggestion, so don’t give away too much about yourself.
    Tarot can only look into your present and near future. It reads the “Here and Now”. If you follow the advice you get from reading the cards, you can change things. For example….
    If you drink, smoke, do drugs etc and the cards say “You will die”…they are a warning, not a hard fact. You can stop the bad habits and change what will happen in your future.

  2. No. Not with Tarot cards.
    You need to use a scrying ball with a black bowl and some black ink in water. The scrying ball is better known as a crystal ball…i have never seen that happen before and neither will i try ti.

  3. Personally, I don’t believe in reincarnation. However, separately from that, tarot decks are not traditionally used for this purpose. Their primary function in modern esoteric use is for aiding decision making and for predicting the outcome of a specific scenario.


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