Can you judge a woman by the car she drives?

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I used to think that this was not the case but now I realize that you can actually judge a woman by the car she drives. Women who drive BMWs, Lexus, or Mercedes are normally high maintenance and arrogant. Women who drive VWs are normally preppie and cultureless. Women who drive big trucks like Ford F150s or Chevy Silverados are normally bitchy, lesbian or bi. Women who drive Kias are normally ghetto and have a gangta boyfriend. Women in minivans and SUVs are normally housewives that got married just because they want to say they are married. Women in Toyotas are normally conservative and won’t ever let you get passed first base. Women driving an old beater are either college students, illegal aliens, or homeless. Lastly, women that ride bicycles are normally tree hugging hippies. Well, I guess I answered my own question. Thanks!

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Iftikhar Ramnandan




N. Adriana

You just answered your own question, and I got two points 😀
Life is good 😀


What does it say about me? I drive a 6 speed BMW Z4?
Honestly, I don’t give a F what anyone thinks anyway. I got the car because I LIKE IT…not to impress people!

Valley R

Can I … yes
Do I …. no


hella no


Yes, If a woman drives a corvette, she is fooling around with a younger man.

Đầиїзф the 黑人

You might me able to but don’t count on it.


I can, but I dont.




not always..
sometimes it depends on money.
and i actually like suvs and stuff like that.
and im neither of thosee


Why do you hate women?


Chicks that drive Jeeps are pretty hot. And they put out.
How funny is it that you nailed the BMW driving chick, “are normally high maintenance and arrogant.” Just read her answer. AHAHAHAHHA!

Natalie P

I drive a VW…………I am very cultural and not a prep at all……………..but I agree BMWs Lexus and Mercedes are all snobs.

crave knowledge

So, is there a category for a woman you would actually want to talk to?


huh lmao!! Well what about the women who drive everyday normal mid-sized car you forgot about them, you know the PT Cruiser, Focus, Cavalier drivers..


If money can only buy you love, or the other way around.
While a car can be showy, I dated a guy who drove an escalade and lived in it cause he was so poor he couldnt afford a home.
Better to just judge someone for their personality and kindness.


You sound a bit judgemental Seb. The men and women differences are as old as the hills. It’s a shame people can’t begin to realize just how petty and tedious they are. 10/10 for ignorance and stereotypical labeling. Is Fred Flintstone your best friend caveman?


What about “Chevy Alero”? Please tell me!!!


Yes you just did but thanks for letting me know what would i do to my car; i drive a Lexus but i’m not arrogant i just like big cars. 🙁

Cali xo Betchh!

and you just proved it.
i get the points, and you get the answer.
lifes better this way.


No, things are NOT that simple in reality, where it fits certain patterns. There are exceptions to everything when dealing with humans.


i dont think so because that is so stereotypical. any woman who dodges any type of car is not judged by their car unless there are some losers out there who just want her because of her car. i personally think no matter what kinda woman you are and no matter what transportation you have available for your necessity you just get judged on your personality or least likely, looks.


id say 90 percent of what you said is correct…..but you cant classify everyone by what car they drive…even though you are right about the bmw women and the kia and the ford girls

jacqueline r

thats not true but if you want to play it like that then
men who drive big trucks have small dickss, men who drive bmw’s are arrogant and tend to be gay, men who drive kias are partiers who will never settle down, and men who drive minivans are lazy stay at home fathers, and guys who ride bikes are mormon


You can tell a lot from the car someone drives, or lack there of, but I would never base who they are on without some more information.
My goal is to drive a bmw…it will be a reward to myself for working hard and saving my money. Husband doesn’t have to do a thing.

Answer Fairy

What about women who drive a white Honda Civic Coupe? The reason I chose white was because it doesn’t fade and it looks cleaner. I chose a Honda Civic because it was the best price and they last forever and are low maintenance. It also has excellent gas mileage.
My car says that I like to save my money, I am practical, and I do my research before I buy.
By the way, BMW’s are great cars. But I love my little no-nonsense 2000 Honda Civic Coupe.


So…basically, no matter what a woman drives (or rides), you have something NEGATIVE to say about it. Is there ONE car that a woman could drive and you have something positive to say?!
I drove VWs until I was 22…and love them. I am far from a preppie (or hippie), and happen to be culturally diverse. Then, I drove a Mitsubishi for a while…what did that make me then?! Now, I’m in a small SUV which happens to get good gas mileage because it’s a manual, and I needed something a little bigger to fit my massage table in the back. Plus, I have 2 kids. So, my current choice is functional for me.

♥ live it ♥

i did not rad the details…
but if i where to dive an new red mustang you would probably think I’m rich or something and it could turn out I’m like a bit** slut and a whore. so NO you can NOT judge a woman by there car.
(and I’m NOT saying i drive that and I’m NOT saying I’m a bit** slut or whore)


what about women who drive pickups? (small ones)

Ed F

Are you sure it’s HER vehicle? If it was given to her how bad does it screw up your deal?


the guy is nothing but a f*** up loser
i suggest turning to men if you hate women so much you d*** head!


ha ha Jacqueline !! That was funny.
The guy who wrote the question and answer himself is judging women and generalizing.
He also sound like a small d*** woman hater. Oh, the poor loser. No one wants to go out with him. Waaa!
Fix your personality and you’ll get dates.


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