Can You Invent a Way to Access the Internet Through Telepathy?

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That would be so cool. Brainwaves can be used to control robots, so I guess this would top that. Good luck!

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Vince M

Yes I can, but I choose not to because I would not be able to collect ISP fees on brainwaves.

Loud Silence

Well actually, they’re developing something similar. Not exactly telepathy, but they’re trying to use brainwaves to control a cursor on a computer screen. This is done with an implant in a person’s brain. It’s supposed to help those that are paralyzed from the neck down. We’re that much closer to becomming a Borg race. lol.


Brain-wave controlled devices are becoming quite common at a laboratory research level. This technology requires an electronic sensor array in contact with the subject’s head.
Reading brain waves electronically is not the same thing as telepathy, which is the mythological ability to read other people’s minds. Telepathy is mythic, and does not exist in real life.

Bob D

You have hit upon an excellent idea. Actually, far more research is being conducted in telepathy, synthetic-telepathy (electronic enhanced telepathy), ESP, remote viewing, and psychokinesis than most folks know. We are evolving toward becoming telepathic beings. For example, see The military is spending a lot of tax payer’s money and doing some serious research in these areas.

Dan J

No, I don’t have those skills.


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