Can you incite a spiritual crisis by rick rolling someone repeatedly?

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Tangerine Jello

no, but you can manage to tick a ton of people off


wouldn’t that constitute torture?


what is a spiritual crisis? You got God or you don’t.

Mizz Zero

Spiritual crisis? Perhaps… definitely a mental crisis!
You know… I got Rick Rolled by a STRANGER the other day… there’s a video on YouTube that’s titled “Guitar Hero III Through the Fire and the Flames 100%” or something along those lines and I was bored and clicked on it… and it was Rick Astley… I was in shock. I’ve never been Rick Rolled on YouTube before. Ouch…

Andymcj78 (atheist)

You can incite a financial crisis if I’m trying to lay off a bet at a horse racing site and instead I get locked into my browser listening to Rick Astley.

Princess Catti-brie <3

i rick roll myself intentionally all the time.
I <3 Rick Astley now.
(OH GOD! Is this a spiritual crisis?!?!?!)


I wish I knew what rick rolling means……sorry.

BooN HocKeY

Didnt Pavlov do that to a rat or a dog or something? You need to have that person in an environment where they cannot get relief from your annoying, stupid, jerk-like behavior. Then you may persecute them at your pleasure.
I am sure you will eventually face charges.

Kychick Bear is my Man

Spiritually speaking, this Chicken loves to be Rick Roll’ed. I think it’s funny. 🙂


okay y’all PLEASE what is RickRoll and or RickRolling?


but why? it’s fun to be rick rolled repeatedly! i think it gives me “high spirits”….. *drink*!


I don’t know because I have no idea what “rick rolling” is.
What is it?



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