Can you help me with this spiritual crisis?

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I’ve asked this question three times now and the YAHOOGODS have decided I’m NOT WORTHY (whatever).
My Mom’s best friend WAS performing a ritual in our front yard (which I was TRYING to explain earlier but the YAHOOGODS found my question UNWORTHY) and I was torn by it.
I won’t go into what she was doing because the YAHOOGODS won’t let me tell you.
Anyway, she (a witch) was doing something (I’m not allowed to say) in our front yard (I live with my Mom who’s a Christian and I’m an atheist) and I was considering joining her.
Oh sh!t. I don’t even remember what my question was now.
Sooo…. I’ve had the hots for her forever and she was performing this ritual skyclad (check wik on that) in our front yard (quite secluded) and I wanted to join her even though I’m not Wiccan.
Crap. I forgot my question again. No more beer for me tonight.
Oh, right. Would joining her be bad?

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Hmm. Maybe you can add it in details now that your question is posted.


get back to us when you remember your athiest question

average american

stay off the crack pipe


Mowing the lawn or watering the flowers?


Try rephrasing the question (Which contained something you’re not allowed to say) in a way that we can understand what you’re trying to tell us without the YAHOOGODS stopping you.


I hope you are considering joining your mom, who is a Christian. Wicca is not a good path


Looks like the Yahooligans have succeeded in driving another community member starkers.
So sorry, friend. Try again when you can pull it together. Peace.




since you can’t remember your question, the only way we can help get 2 points by answering (your question???).

Bob H

An athiest having a spiritual crisis? , joining who? your mother or the witch? You can be spiritual without religion which is manmade. You can be wiccan without offending anyone’s sensiblities. There is a Divine power, call it what you will, try to get through life being as decent a person as you can, without judging others.

Oregon Flower

Grow up and listen to your mother. You need her wisdom right now.


yes! why would you want to worship the satan,find god there is one you know you really want to be messed up get involved with her,my suggestion is stay away from her


…… Waitaminnit…. you’ve got the hots for me….?


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