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Can you help me with ‘Astral Projection’?

I am quite an open-minded person and have been looking into meditation and the cosmos over the last few months. Recently I have become fascinated with astral projection. I have read about some experiences and have been trying every time I go to bed, but failing terribly! I understand that its not something I will grasp right away but I’m probably going wrong somewhere. Could anyone give me some help or advice please?
Thanks to everyone trying to help, it’s going to be hard to pick the best answer as they have all been useful to me.

The Canadian Atheist, clearly the answer I am not looking for is ‘it’s all lies’. I found your answer a little confusing as I fail to see how you can say or justify the are lies and I also fail to see what you are trying to achieve by posting it here, it would fit in a question like ‘OBEs; what’s your opinion?’. I am looking for help in achieving Astral Projection not help in dismissing or debating it.
You can’t justify something by simply calling it a lie, your mind set appears to be no different Christians who claim dinosaurs are a lie.
Please don’t take this offensively, you answer may be valid elsewhere, just not here.

If you give a closed-minded answer in an open-minded question, you’re going to get negative responses.


  • Well it’s good that you’re looking into meditation as that will help you. You should keep that up.

    As Hayley pointed out:
    ‘Going to bed is a physical ritual that tells your body (or at least tries to) that it’s time for sleep now.’

    Very true, so instead of attempting AP at bed time you should go to sleep like normal, perhaps giving yourself positive affirmations as you dose off. Then wake up a few hours earlier than usual (set the alarm if you don’t know how to program your subconscious mind to do this). Then go into a deep meditative state when you wake & attempt it then. You can move around & stay awake for like half an hour if you like. Or you could just stay awake for a few minutes. Just don’t be too tired or too awake when attempting it. Well just do whatever works for you.

    I personally attempt it pretty much straight away after waking from a few hours of sleep. That works for me. But experiment with it you know. Try different things & see what works for you. But at the same time don’t be just going from one thing to another quickly after one thing doesn’t work for you. Give it time. Be persistent but patient with it. I also recommend reading: Soul Flight: Astral Projection & the Magical Universe by Donald Tyson. These books will often answer a lot of your questions. GL2U!

    @ The Canadian Atheist – Who says this waking life we’re currently in is the ‘real world’. Perhaps it is a holographic illusion. Perhaps your very own senses are deceiving you. Just because your brain interprets this reality to be real doesn’t necessarily mean it is. How is sensing this world any more real than sensing astral worlds? And why would so many people (including myself who astral projects) outright lie?

    Also I feel like I could write an entire book on why science hasn’t yet proven astral projection (along with many other ‘paranormal/supernatural’ things). I’ll sum it up though with the following: Science is focused on the outer physical world we perceive around us, while astral projection is something that deals with the inner world that which our current primitive materialistic science cannot measure. Science is in need of a revolution. The reasoning behind science not proving AP has nothing to do with AP not being real. It is the science itself that is fundamentally flawed to begin with.

  • Learn how to astral project or having an obe is not the easiest thing to learn. Before you start any projection techniques you need train these other 2 things first, namely relaxation and mind taming.

    With relaxation you can start by tensing the muscles in each part of your body, the relax and move over to the next muscle group.

    Mind taming: This is where you train your mind to be silent, you can focus on your breathing, this will help in keeping away any thought.

    These 2 core skills is really something you must master first if you want to be able to have an astral projection.
    There is also various tools that can help you.

  • Hi,

    Well I can’t tell you what you are doing wrong from that paragraph.
    I can tell you what most people mess up on….

    Most people mess up on concentration. Concentration is the most important key in Astral Projection. It is not only required to Astral project but also to travel.

    So how do you concentrate better…. meditate on one topic. Stare at a candles flame for 10 minutes at a time while you block out all thoughts.

    Astral projection is quite simple! Many people make it out to be hard due to laziness and not learning the abilities you need to do it.

    Message me if you want my help.

  • You need to stop trying so hard.

    Just go to a quiet place when you are full rested. Assume a comfortable position and proceed as you would with relaxation before meditation.

    Once you feel relaxed try to imagine what you are. I am not talking about the body. That is your vehicle, your communication device. You are the thing, the energy that makes the body alive. The energy that causes the body to be something more than just 115 pounds of minerals chemicals and water.

    Just look for this self in your minds eye. Keep the monkey mind at a distance and soon you will see some movement. The first time that I did it, I saw a leaf falling. It was floating back and forth like a leaf does when it falls from the tree. As I drew my attention to it I noticed that it was curled up a bit and inside was a little glowing light.

    As I watched this little glowing light wrapped in it’s cocoon I knew that this was the truth of me. This is the traveler, not the body.

    You may see it in some other form. Don’t look for my discription or it will confuse your search. I just included it as an example.

    When you get this far email, and we will continue.

    Love and blessings Don

  • Astral projection takes months, years to achieve. Lots and lots of patience. I myself haven’t had the patience to try this for months on end, but William Buhlman’s book “Adventures Beyond the Body” was a pretty good read for questions on astral projection. I suggest giving that a read.

  • I really don’t believe in it but have also read about it. I’ve read that one way to induce an episode to through wake induced lucid dreaming.

    Here’s one book that you could read. You can even read some of it online:


    You could also read here:


  • Well there’s your problem: you’re doing it when you’re going to bed.

    Going to bed is a physical ritual that tells your body (or at least tries to) that it’s time for sleep now.

    If you try it out when you’re sleepy, it’s not going to work. You need to focus.

    Do it while you’re perfectly awake. Meditate, and then try it out.

  • It occurs the most of the time when we are asleep cause when we sleep our Neurons repair and this can lead to strange signals being sent into the body.

  • I can help you.
    Astral projection is imaginary. It does not exist or occur in the real world. All of these so-called “experiences” that you’ve read about, are outright lies.
    There you go!

    Edit; whoah! three thumbs down for telling the truth?
    I don’t suppose any of you would care to provide a shred of credible evidence that supports astral projection, would you?

    Yeah, I didn’t think so either…

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