Can you help me have a relationship with a succubus?





I really need to have a relationship with a succubus. I need to have a succubus come and visit me every single night for the rest of time. I strongly believe in angels and demons and that succubi exist. I have tried the summons ritual several times and I have prayed to Satan all with no success. Everyone tells me that the succubus will probably kill me and steel my soul. I say, “So, I don’t care. I just want to have a relationship with a succubus.” Does anyone know anything that can help me? Can anyone do something to help me? Any help in achieving my goal will be appreciated.
Please, help if you can. I really need for this to happen.
I am past the age of 18. I am 39 years old and have desired a relationship with a succubus for the last 26 years.
I do believe in God and want absolutely nothing what-so-ever to do with God and I don’t want anyone praying to God on my behave. For years I prayed to God asking him for help and he turned his back on me. He never answered my prayers. Therefore, I don’t want anything to do with a being that says he loves you then when you ask him for help he does nothing.


  1. Im have my succubus lover you can do wath i do im just write wiith black ink leter to lilith in white peace of paper and ask her to send my lover succubus and thinking in that moment obaut hou she look, you can ask in your words do not need secret code on paper but ask not comand im hear if you comand that can go bad, and then burn that paper on black candle and yes after that say im let you in my lover succubus because im first hear her oraund my door but i think she cant get in in that moment now i live with her for 4 mounths and i love her 🙂

  2. Belial! Obviously doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. There are ENDLESS souls in the universe with ENDLESS possibilities. To think otherwise is outright ignorant as well as arrogant.

  3. why doesn’t any1 ever answer the Q, iv looked at a lot of webpages and no1 ever answers this…. I have been praying for a succubus and haven’t got 1, if some1 would actually make a attempt to answer this u would b helping a lot of people, so plz some1 that has had a succubus answer the poor mans Q.

  4. and you,moon on the water and neise,are going to grow blind.wake up and see all the “good” your “god” has done.billions are dead because of three letters.he send corutptable men to do his bidding?you want a man of god,look at the empty husk.”pray to god,he will forgive you!”hm,so ill forgive him when he prays to me.look at the blood,it could fill the ocean!the dark ages stunted our technology for at least a hundred years!heh!pray,pray for what?a quick death?sounds like the best plan to me.

  5. How many people reading this think the same as me?
    I sincerely hope you get what you wish for. I hope you have fun rotting in he–. I hope that after you get what you wish for and realize that you bit off more than you can chew and you come back in here begging for help to get rid of the succubus that not one single person responds.
    I personally think you belone in he– and not in this world.

  6. 1. Make God exist.
    2. Make God make demons exist for some reason that only He understands, defying all logic of how a kind and loving creator would work.
    3. Do your black candles and cheap incense routine again
    4. Sexy time!

  7. OK, the fact you mention God at all is a positive sign, my friend. Listen, I know it seems as if God does NOT answer our prayers. His ways are not like the ways of people…of man. Yet the LAST thing God wants you to do is turn to “it”, that is, to satan. You are going to end up going down a very, very, VERY bad road if you keep on praying to satan, who wants nothing more than to seduce and destroy you. GOD LOVES YOU. GOD IS LOVE. He IS helping you; it’s just not instant gratification or what we want to hear, necessarily. But think of some times in your life when someone popped up “out of the blue” when you were feeling down; don’t you think that was God, sending them to you?
    STOP what you are doing NOW. PLEASE. Or I guarantee you you will end up dead, if not in body, then definitely, in mind, heart, and spirit.

    • Tosh, I’m trans and have prayed to God for seven years to make me a normal male, to set my brain right with my body. God does nothing, he turns his back, he’s fickle and uncaring

  8. Hmm, here’s an idea, grab some hallucinogen, and sit on your bed all night, and believe with all your heart that a succubus is sitting next to you. You’ll see.

  9. I surely hope you are joking. At this point only GOD can help you. You should pray and ask GOD to forgive you for even saying that you have prayed to satan. Do you not care where your sould will go once you die. And if for some crazy reason you do not believe in GOD then maybe seek the help of a psychiatrist QUICKLY!!!!

  10. Pfft. *snickers*
    Every time you (let’s be blunt here) have sex with a succubi, a portion of your soul is siphoned off to feed “Satan” (who I know is actually a robot) or whoever your evil deity is.
    It’s simply a bad idea, okay?

  11. When you get past the age of eighteen, you’re gonna be very embarrassed by these questions. ‘Prayed to Satan?’ You are approaching the Everest peak of utter geekdom. Stop watching old Buffy episodes and watching Hammer House movies. Call a friend and go out in the sunshine to play…you’ll feel more realistic!

  12. You gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the succubi.

  13. Oh wow, well not sure how to answer this one but I’m sure having an actual girlfriend instead of a succubus would be better… safer also. I do know someone who had a relationship with one and he had a hell of a time getting rid of her. Just be patient and wish for one. That’s how he got his to come around.

  14. I keep telling you dude, succubi are surprisingly picky about the dudes they chose to possess and have their way with. Demon females are as repelled by desperation as human females are, which means you’re out of luck. Your best chance for supernatural sex is still to be the girlfriend of an incubus. If you want it to happen, pray to Belial and say his name 3 times. Unfortunately Belial can’t help you with succubi. They don’t obey Belial’s orders. They’re stuck up that way.

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