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Can you heal a broken heart with reiki?


  1. Any therapeutic touch would help you to heal, but it depends on what caused your heart to break. If it was romantic love, you’ll heal completely when someone else comes along. If it was the loss of a family member, that’s something that humans usually don’t get over, we just learn to deal with it.

  2. No. The only cure is time, a good friend who’ll listen to you, letting yourself grieve and then getting up and moving on. Give yourself time to mourn for what could have been; then make a big effort to put it behind you. New hobbies, a brand-new look or planning a holiday may help you to learn be single again.

  3. I don’t know about healing it but it will definitely correct all your energies and make you feel calmer and more relaxed. I have reiki for pain management and it really works so i’d give it a go.

  4. What is reiki anyway? Probably some type of quack therapy for the gullible I presume.
    In short, no. Only time will heal it.

  5. By concentrating on heart chakra and doing REIKI there the aura at that place increases and heals the person with broken heart.REIKI works on physical,mental and spiritual levels.The healer should be an experienced and devout reiki master.Both the healer and healee should have abudant faith in reiki healing.Ofcourse more sittings are needed by healee to get alround success thru reiki.Whole body reiki and the meridians and emphasis on heart chakra will definitely give positive results. I myseself is a reiki masters and had success in treating many cases of depressin. Thanks for asking a qwestion on reiki which is my revered subject.

  6. I had grief and sadness in my heart for years; after one reiki session and it dissolved. I didn’t even seek the reiki for that reason. Just several days later I noticed the pain was gone. I felt peace and contentment in my heart, like a heart should feel.


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