Can you have a spiritual awakening?

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if you are already saved?

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Yes, its called realizing it’s all bull.

Ainsly @ work

Depends on whose definition of “saved” you’re using. To me, being “saved” and having a spiritual awakening are one in the same. However, I don’t use the christian definition of this term.


Yes, I had one last night. Unless Enlightened, you are not awoken.

Deep Thought

Your entire life is a ‘spiritual awakening’

Invisible Pink Unicorn

It is called adding paranoia to schizophrenia.


yes getting saved is only the first step in becoming a Christian you have a life full of Christlike love in front of you if you will pursue it and the journey just gets sweeter and sweeter as we grow in Christ

The Mighty Jah

How can one know one is saved? We all fall short in the eyes of the Father. None will know they are saved or not until the return of Christ. No one is truly saved until the day of reckoning.

Lori T

People experience life at different levels as they mature. It is the same for those who are awakened spiritually. It isn’t a one time thing.


Yes.. that’s actually what makes most Christian understand their role in Christianity.


Yes, because when any sin is commited there is the diverse ordinance effect to be completed. Once that is completed there is opportunity for re-spiritual awakening, depending on the sin and if God feels it is just.


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