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can you give me some information on the chakras in our body?

Especially the brow chakra, the aura and the more spiritual ones please. Also tell me how can purify them and activate them better. I have considered meditation but I don’t have that much time. I need simple solutions. And what are symptoms of over activating some chakras-especially the brow chakra?

Does your head hurt and can you feel a pit over there?


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    It is a big subject!

    Join our forum will help if we can, & already info on chakras there that may enlighten you.


  • The chakra you are referring to is better known as the “third eye” there is another one at the top of your head called the “crown” chakra. Excess energy in the third eye symptoms are: Hallucinations, delusions, obsessions, difficulty concentrating, and nightmares. I could go on and on about all the chakras. I find the easiest way to activate and balance them is to use crystals. Just get a color crystal for the color chakra you want balanced. Root chakra, red black and brown. Sacral chakra, orange. Solar plexus chakra, yellow. Heart chakra, pink and green. Throat chakra, light blue. Third eye chakra, dark blue and purple. The crown chakra, white. There are lots of people that believe we have many more then that, I’m just giving the basics. The crystals just help them balance to the right energy quickly just by holding it or wearing it. If it feels good, I know it will help. Good luck!

  • It doesn’t work because there are no such magic points on our bodies. On the rare occasion that it works, think placebo effect.


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