Home Discussion Forum Can you give me info on incubi and succubi?

Can you give me info on incubi and succubi?

Can you tell me some of the things you know about them? Like how you know one is visiting you and stuff? I want to know for a book I’m writing, and I can’t decide what creature to use. I’m stuck and all the info I found on the incubi and succubi was useless for what I needed to know. Thanks for all your help!

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  1. succubi are demons from hell who tempt all from men to women they ca take any form at any time and cause excruciating pain once caught in their wicked hellfire you will be devoured by flames and brought to hell the end.

  2. They are demons that appears to men and women in any way that they can in order to get a human to commit evil act… But the real facts are that demons have no sex organs so they get you to commit evil acts in your mind and dreams……….. And to have you put yourself in a position to be cursed

  3. I’ve been interacting with what is likely a Succubus for over 3 decades. See the link below for more information about my account.
    Some beings exist to destroy and kill you if they can. They are evil, malevolent beings which primarily use fear as an attack. The more fear they can create the more powerful they become and able to interact with more fear. They are afflicted with a deep hatred, Love is foreign to them. They are made to hate, destroy and kill. It’s all they do.
    Succubus and Incubus are opposite but common misconceptions say otherwise. Instead of an affliction of hate and fear, they seem to be afflicted with love, desire and sex. That is all they do.
    They have as many personalities as we humans. Some are kind, considerate to their human partner. Others are not so much and everything inbetween. Hoplessly addicted to love and intimate activities, they seek a willing partner.
    They are rejected most of the time because of the persons fear of the unknown and the previlence of false folklore such as found in Wiki.
    Once a partner is found and a spousal – type relationship establishes, it is almost impossible to repel them. They become so pleasurable they don’t want them to leave.
    That is the problem. It is very addicting as already mentioned and nothing done in excess is ever good and if not careful can become the only thing in one’s life they care about and the being is often very jealous of competition.
    Boy/girl friends, spouses etc often become less relivent to compare. If the human begins interacting at a younger age it can effect the flow of normal human relationship development. For example a younger person might grow without having a spouse and so couldn’t have a family which they would probably regret later.
    I am — NOT — referring to beings or entities that rape their victim. Those paticular nasties use rape and fear as a tool and are very similar to the evil beings I described earlier. There is no love in them find their pleasure in the humans humiliation, pain and destruction.

  4. Incubus and Succubus are demons who feed off you emotions( lust fear etc) THey kill there victems by breathing away there soul which in turn makes them more powerful Succubus tends to be more seductive than Incubus but in turn Incubus is much more powerful. If a Incubus or Succubus gets weak enough THey will inplant a part of themselves in a human making one a half human half demon creature though in most it wud kill them and the incubi or sucubi wud be destroyed But in a few it will cause mental disorders and such but in a 1 out of million can control it and merge into a demon form


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