Can you give me a really good meditation video on youtube that will allow me to cope with stress much better?





I need a good meditation video on youtube that will allow me to be more peaceful with stress and be able to cope with it better.
And also give me meditation instructions yourself if you like.
Thanks very much and God bless


  1. Just sit in a quiet place- better in the night . sit and listen to all the sounds near and far. you will be amazed to heat the clock sticking and you can listen to your heart beat with practice. Then you have attained the first stage.

  2. This is a video that seems very appropriate to your question, by a friend of mine:
    It is called “Meditation Therapy for Stress and Change,” and, if I remember right, is part of a longer video which is sold on DVD.
    Also, this is a very simple, easy to learn meditation technique. I’ve practiced it myself for many years. It uses a Sanskrit mantra, but you can get very similar effects (if you don’t feel comfortable with Sanskrit mantras) by repeating “I am… peace” or something similar.
    Hope it helps you — please respond if you have any questions!

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