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Can you give me a good advice to keep ignoring a older person who is really rude and disrespectful to me?

I live in an apartment building.
There’s a family who has caused a lot of problems to the neighborhood.
They have a maid/servant who I have never talked to or said anything to who is always being really rude to me for no reason, (she doesn’t even know me, and I don’t know her), she even had the guts to insult me yesterday afternoon.

She is doing that for months.
I have always ignored her, because I’M THE BETTER person and I’m not disrespectful to anyone.
However she is.
She doesn’t seem to get tired of never getting a reply and continues.
She’s a lot older than me, maybe she’s 65 and I’m 30.

Do you have any advice to keep ignoring her?
I don’t want to loose my temper to a really old hag like her, because I’m a gentleman.
But I’m getting tired of being insulted and made fun of.
And, no, I’m not weird, so there’s no excuse for such kind of people to make fun and be direspectful to me.

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♫ Mad Luv ♫ aka     ~Pril~
♫ Mad Luv ♫ aka ~Pril~
9 years ago

kill them with kindness. go up to them with a fruit basket and smile. maybe ingore what she says and just say hi. if she continues then you need to show respect foryourself with out being rude . tell her to mind her buisness please. you could say please mind your own. no need to lose temper but you can and should state something calmly and in an adult way. maybe say i’m sorry have a better day. or just tell her to smile. Smile it will get better. and continue that for ever insult just be bad day I… Read more »

Kiss me Kate
Kiss me Kate
9 years ago

that woman is either disturbed or she has chosen to believe some random gossip about you…and act on it… either way..SHE is completely in the wrong and really should know better by the time she’s in her 60’s…feel sorry for her, pity her, tell her you will pray for her the next time she insults you…(whether you really will or not…)

9 years ago

You could really confuse her, and perhaps melt her cold, hard heart, by being nice.
It might surprise her into some proper sense . . .
Best wishes…

Ihavea Question
Ihavea Question
9 years ago

Buy her a casket.

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