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Can you get rid of negative energy or 'black clouds'?

My spouse has visited 2 Physics in the last few months… He’s trying to get input on a few things. Anyways both have stated that he has negative energy and this black cloud over him… I believe it since I live with him and told him for years that he needs to be more positive…. So now he is worried and of course wants to get rid of this … I just don’t see him reading self-help books and all that..


  1. Do you mean he has been to a psychic (physics is type of science about matter and energy)?
    Has he considered a physician? It sounds like you are describing depression and potentially anxiety. Self-help books are good for some people but many need more, especially if their depression is severe and casing them problems. If a person has become so depressed it is a medical problem rather than a mood everyone has from time to time then “will power” and acting more positive are typically not possible. Therapy is very effective for depression regardless if it is mild or severe. Medication is typically effective especially for moderately severe to severe depression and can be used alone or with therapy. Medication and therapy has been shown to be the most effective treatment.
    It is also smart if he would get a physical examination and blood work done to make sure he is physically healthy. Many medical problems like hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), hypothyroidism (under active thyroid gland), and physical pain can cause depression.
    I would certainly recommend that he see a general practitioner for evaluation.

  2. All psychics are going to say such things, depending on what he has told them. Part of their routine. The problem is there is no such thing as negative energy in that context. Energy is actually a measurement, it doesn’t exist in some pure state, either positive or negative. So the only result of going to the psychics is that your husband is now worried – all because of made up baloney.
    There is not one single shred of evidence for the existence of ‘psychic’ powers, they are completely implausible and ‘psychics’ always fail when subjected to scientific testing.
    My suggestion is you explain this to your husband and tell him to stop worrying over nothing.
    Have him carry out some research. Start here:

  3. Maybe youre dating my ex? – just kidding.
    There are lots of people who just walk in a room, and ANYONE would be able to tell they aren’t happy, joyous people. Its a freebie for those charlatan types….
    Tell him to visualize the life, light and love of the universe surrounding him during some meditation each day, and to write a list of 10 things he’s grateful for each day for a month and to see how different he feels afterwards…
    You would be amazed how much writing a gratitude list everyday causes people to be more positive overtime – causes them to look for positive things in life to put on the list if they are willing to stick to it…Tell him the Universe likes to bless those who are grateful for the blessings they already have if you think it might motivate him….

  4. ‘Psychics’ are masters at stating the obvious and taking your money. There is NO such thing as negative energy or ‘black clouds’. You should be more worried that he believes this BS and is giving his money to fraudsters than any rubbish information they invent about him.
    If he’s ill, visit a real doctor. Believing in such nonsense will not help him if he suffers from depression.

  5. Science is based on theory, along with all psychic, paranormal and etc…we really do not know about many of these things, however, it is your belief and if it gives you back the hope needed. Then do as necessary. There is nothing wrong with thinking positive, writing things down, asking for the white light. The last thing you need is negative answers and discouraging you from trying to be happy, or what ever your seeking. You noticed and have acknowledged it, the first step, now seek a more happy and positive life, in what ever you choose, find a good support system friends, family and such.
    Good Luck, I wish you the best….


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