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Can you get good Feng Shui Advice about your home from artificial intelligence?

There is a talking avatar that you can chat with just like a real person and ask questions about using Feng Shui in your home or life. Do you think the advice you get is useful and helpful? Check out Mia the Chat Bot at http://www.jademarkethongkong.com They say she was programmed by a Feng Shui master.


  1. I think a live person will see things that conflict, whereas you might not point that out to be corrected by the bot.
    Cool site anyway

  2. I tried that and I’m not convinced … you just receive the definition of a word as if you look it up in a glossary. Besides, the results seems not so good, as for some questions, you do not get the right answer.
    It’s like that girl of Ikea you can ask ;o)
    Try this site to learn:

  3. basically, you can make a basic program and input all the math formulas containing all fengshui techniques. but you still need the human factor to measure and analyse situations, like which technique to use for what situations.
    fengshui is really a group of fengshui techniques or formulas, like math, they all can be learned.

  4. for some reason, i couldn’t even get type in the ask field. o well. feng shui is a lot about intention. so even if the bot gave you not-so-good advice, if you *believe it* and do it with intention (i.e. i place this object to bring perfect harmony in my relationship), it still may work for you. the site below is awesome and has a great monthly newsletter.


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