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Can you get dizzy after meditating?

That’s the first time I got dizzy after meditating. I use Zen Meditation. Normally not over 10mn but this time was close to 15 or 20minutes. Is it normal? I have meditate for about 6 months without any issues.


  • MICKY M hey kellyeb yes i was just going to say that myself that happens to me….. when i meditate for 15 mins focusing on my in breath and out breath… when i open my eyes ive also noticed myself feeling dizzy… it’s because as yourself was mentioning it’s due to relaxing so your heart rate drops and blood pressure…. i now warm up after doing arm exercises to get my blood pressure to normal level…. at first i thought there were something wrong with my heart THANKS KELLY X

  • It’s normal for people to experience some vertigo-like symptoms. When you’re deep into meditation, especially any type that really focuses on the breath, you can really slow things down in your body. Everything from your heart rate to your blood pressure. When you go to get up, and you’ve been so deep that your blood pressure is very low, yes, you will be very dizzy for a few minutes. The best thing to do is to stay sitting for a few minutes…take a few deep breaths and stretch a bit to re-awaken your body. Usually that will help a great deal to get the blood flowing at a normal rate again.

    • I know this is an old thread, but thanks. This is happening to me, and I thought there was something physically wrong with my brain! Thanks.

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