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Can you get a PhD for being a Psychotherapist/Psychoanalysis AND Parapsychology?

to get in all the years that you need to for just one of those to get a PhD for one, but is there a school that you can get a phD in all of those if you go all the years you have to go get a PhD? or is it seperate? what is the college?


  1. Many parapsychologist hold PhD degrees in psychology from the University of Edinburgh. The university allows the opportunities to take parapsychology courses, participate in research, and choose a parapsychology subject as a dissertation (for your PhD).
    A psychotherapist is a more general term and can apply to a psychologist, a psychiatrist (which would require medical school), or any Master degree level therapist (appropriately licensed) like social workers, counselors, and family therapist. There are some programs that are open to students researching parapsychology related topics.
    A psychoanalyst usually implies a more specific type of training following in the tradition of Freud and is acquired in post graduate training. There are some educational degree programs that use this as a model from the beginning. This is a very popular model among psychiatrist (medical doctors).

  2. To get a PhD you don’t just “go to school”, you are required to write a research-based dissertation. You must be sponsored by some sort of academic body that will award you your PhD if they believe you deserve it. Whether or not you deserve it has a lot to do with the relevance of your research. So you need both a book based on relavent research and an academic institution willing to stake its reputation on that work. This may be difficult to accomplish considering the dearth of significant research–not to mention academic departments–in the field of parapsychology.
    Your best bet is probably to earn a PhD in psychology and then choose parapsychology as your area of concentration. This career route is usually based in lab research rather than clinical practice.

  3. Yes, but they are on different levels of college… The first degree you would get is a B.S. in Psychology and then a M.S. in Clinical psychology [applies to your psychoanalysis…may require a 1-2 yr. clinical after] and then a PhD in Philosophy with the parapsychology as a major
    P.S. Many colleges let you write your own Phd if you check with grad school 🙂

  4. I laugh at these jerks on here who try to debunk everything paranormal when scientists are extensively doing work in this field. You “nay sayers” are just not paying attention.
    Information on institutions offering advanced degrees, coursework, or credit in parapsychology;
    *Rosebridge Graduate School, 1040 Oak Grove Road, Suite 103, Concord CA 94518 (510 689-0560). Rosebridge offers Masters and PhD degrees in parapsychology and related topics. For more information contact Dr. Jon Klimo.
    * Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, 744 San Antonio Rd., Palo Alto CA 94303, 415 493-4430.
    California Institute of Integral Studies, East-West Studies Program, 765 Ashbury St., San Francisco CA 94117, 415 753-6100.
    *Saybrook Institute, San Francisco, California (USA). Saybrook’s non-residential Masters and PhD programs allow students to design their own degree in psychology with an emphasis on parapsychology
    *Franklin Pierce College, New Hampshire. (USA). Prof. William Jack offers undergraduate courses in parapsychology and psychology at this fine liberal arts college
    *American Society for Psychical Research, 5 West 73rd St., New York, NY 10023, 212-799-5050, maintains a current list of schools offering some parapsychology courses.
    *Common Boundary Graduate Education Guide, available from Common Boundary, Dept. GC1, 5272 River Road, Suite 650, Bethesda MD 20816-1405. This guide provides a comprehensive list of academic programs on a wide range of programs, from spiritual traditions, to transpersonal psychologies, to parapsychology.
    *Rhine Research Center, the successor of J. B. Rhine’s parapsychology lab at Duke University, offers an excellent 8-week summer training program that provides a solid introduction to parapsychology. You can call them at 919-688-8241. The RRC is also a good source of advice about training and careers in parapsychology.
    out side U.S.A.;
    *University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland (UK). The Koestler Parapsychology Unit, part of the Psychology Department, grants a PhD in psychology with a concentration in parapsychology. This residential program is unique for providing an accredited program in traditional psychology with emphasis in parapsychology. Prof. Robert L. Morris is the Koestler Professor of Parapsychology.
    *University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, England (UK). The Parrott-Warrick Research Unit within the Department of Psychology, explores topics in parapsychology. There are currently a few graduate students pursuing a PhD under the supervision of Dr. Richard Wiseman.
    *University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, offers some coursework in parapsychology under the direction of Prof. Dick Bierman, through the Department of Psychology. Prof. Bierman also holds a special Chair of Consciousness Studies at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
    other on-line related links;
    402 N. Buchanan Blvd.
    Durham, NC 27701-1728
    (919) 688-8241
    Petaluma CA 94952
    Ph: 707-775-3500
    Fx: 707-781-7420

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