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Can you forget memories you dont want with hypnosis?

I’ve read up on hypnosis, various faqs and information sties, but not one answers my question. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
grrr… please, no nonsense. i would like educated answers please.


  1. I used to know the answer to this, but ever since I saw that watch swinging in front of my face, things are kind of fuzzy.
    What was the question again?

  2. It is possible, in theory, yes. However by forgetting it is not the best solution because you are going to have to face reality, and by accepting it is the best way, and thus learning in how to control things.

  3. It depends on the level to which you can be hypnotized. Some people can’t be hypnotized at all. The deeper you can go into hypnosis, the more the hypnotizer can suggest to you what to think or not think, including memories.

  4. It is doubtful. Memories seem to be hardwired into us and come out unbidden, therefore, we can’t control them. Even though we have different levels of consciousness and are more susceptible to suggestion under hypnosis, what comes out is what is already in there. It stays there. It has to be dealt with, and that is why so many repressed people have so much anxiety and mental health. If they are bad memories, they must be dealt with in order to stop coming up in conscious life.

  5. If, in your sub conscience you really want to forget, it could help. In hypnosis, you can’t be made to do things you absolutely would not do in a conscious state.

  6. No…hypnosis doesn’t add or take away memories. Hypnosis can only suggest. Your memories are permenant, but over time they fade. The less you access the memory the more you forget. It doesn’t go away, you just forget how to access it.
    Hypnosis sites are not going to tell you that they cannot do it….they want your money. So be wary of those site that say they can…


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