Home Discussion Forum Can you force yourself into a runner's high through meditation?

Can you force yourself into a runner's high through meditation?

I’m already a good runner, but I rarely experience runner’s high. Is it possible to force yourself into one through meditation?


  1. To get that “high” back, you need to push yourself harder each and every single time you train.
    I’m not sure about meditation, but I believe the mind to be extremely powerful but underused.

  2. Maybe forcing isnt the way to have a good meditation. You can certainly have a high with a meditation practice. A lot of techniques for meditation use an awareness of your breath going in and going out gently. Not forcing….just watching.
    The high from it might be having lots a oxygen in you bloodstream but the best part is you dont feel so weighed down by everyday worries and thoughts. Freedom comes from this lightness of mind.

  3. I often use actual light & sound machines, within my office. Surprisingly, the “Virtual Light & Sound Machine” Meditation FREEWARE does offer a close approximation of the real deal. The software’s relaxing phenomenon is purportedly attributable to “brainwave entrainment” through “audio-visual-stimulation.” This program does not rely upon “binaural beats.”
    For more information on light & sound machine technology, I invite you to download my FREE ebook, “Meditation Enhancer,” found here:
    Here’s a list of some good low-cost and no-cost hypnosis downloads:
    Tucows offers an alternative download site for the VL&S Machine
    Psychologist Jerry Solfanelli


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