Can you find fairies in the Astral Plane?







  1. I did see them in my astral travel, they were in the sky lined in purple color. I was flying towards the dark sky with a lots of stars and towards a big white ball of light. I had my arms spread out like wings. Then the white ball started sending unbelievable energy(the strongest feeling of love you could imagine) and connected to my head. These amazing vibrations were going through my whole body for many minutes. The ball was also asking me telepathically what I wanted..and in my mind I answered abundance. Then I woke up but I could still feel the amazing feeling. Since then I have astral traveled few times into space, saw not exactly friendly purple faces and pyramids flying towards me. Has anyone experienced the light ball also?

  2. i will give you a serious answer because i am a believe and have astral projected 5 or 6 times…..all of which not being able to quite make it out of my house yet HAHA. but anyways… for the astral plane….i do not know much about it…much of what i learn is in books that i read and on the internet from other ppl that have explored it.
    it can be creepy or it can be happy……i have to say though….i don’t know whether it is out mind making the reality around us or whether it’s already actually there. i have heard of thoughtforms where you can create anything you’d like out of the astral matter but i have yet to be able to because as soon as i get out i’m wondering how to get control!! LOL now of which someone said to say “control over astral body now” so i’ll see how that works out.
    i have heard of people seeing fairies…and it changed their view of the life and world forever….however i heard that they weren’t exactly on this plane….more like semi etheric or something……otherwise we’d be stepping on the poor people constantly and we wouldn’t want that would we??? but yes i do keep an open mind to the idea that fairies may exist…cuz after my first projection… eyes started opening and i really don’t deny the existence of anything anymore…….
    i think that instead of asking people on here…(cuz let’s face it you are going to get rude answers) you should try and see for yourself……:)
    if you have any questions or such please feel free to contact me 🙂

    • You didn’t leave your email for us to contact you 🙁 hahaha well I personally learned of astral projections nd such things about 6 to 7 months ago and got a littler frightened and stopped trying but now I’m back at it and for good this time because I’m determined to astral project. If you have any tips or tales I’d love to hear them. 🙂

  3. I think so, because if you’re experiencing a an OBE (out of body experience), you should be able to travel to where ppl frequently see them (ie: Ireland). Of course the country folk there see the experiencing OBE’s.

  4. Fairies on the astral plane?
    I don’t think Odin had fairies.
    Can you even find astrals on the astral plane.

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