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Can you feel auras from people?

I had a few people say to me that when they first met me they felt a vibe that was weird. They could be completely open with me about everything and they just met me for the first time and felt so relaxed and stress free around me. I was like really? Cool. Anybody believe in Auras? Does auras have anything to do with the Universal Laws? I don’t know only thing I could say is I’m honest with myself and I’m honest with God when I pray about my problems. I make sure he knows my personality. I know that sounds crazy but the way I talk to you I pray to God the same way that I would talk…casually. Maybe that has something to do with it I don’t know. Anyway, I’m getting off the subject, Anyone believe in auras?


  1. you see auras…..i believe……i know…..i do body work…you feel the chi..or energy…good or bad energy. any questions? im me.

  2. You say aura I say Spirits.
    It is simply who you are. If you are a good person people will feel it when they are around you.
    Jesus must of had a aura so strong it was like a magnet.

  3. Yes, I believe.
    I don’t always see them……………….I feel them.
    Once I told my husband that I felt PURE EVIL from this guy I saw at my sons daycare when he was picking up his daughter.
    Later, he almost killed his sister in law because she was pregnant with his child and didn’t want anyone to know it. He wrapped her in a trash bag, and a vacuum cleaner cord, beat the crap out of her and left her for dead.
    She wasn’t. She lived to tell the tale. He went to prison.
    His wife has never gotten over it and doesn’t trust anyone to this day 12 years later.
    Yes, people have auras, evil or good, I am not sure how auras works, I just know that it does.
    When you feel it, and or see it, you just know. It comes from your gut.
    Be blessed, you have a gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. When GOD manifest’s HIS LIGHT in the Physical REALM, we call it the Glory of GOD. When you take a snap-shot on film, and there are streaks of Light, or cirlcular globe’s of light (different shade’s of white or color’s) it’s called a Light Strike. King David said that GOD enlarged his Step’s, the Spiritual REALM is different than the Physical REALM. Most picture’s of JESUS has a white light-band standing off of HIS Head a little way’s. If you can see it, the tree’s have an aura bout’ them. GOD’s Glory come’s through vegetation. Wonder why looking at Beautiful Flower’s make us Feel so GOOD???? If you exercise you (a Spiritman) in Spiritual Matter’s (reading BIBLE, Praying, attending gathering’s and assemblie’s) your Spiritman (the REAL YOU) can do alot of different thing’s, it’s more Powerful than your SOUL. Alot more powerful.!!! Sometime’s you can even feel oblect’s behind you, two-feet befor you back into them!!!! Or know when the phone is agonna ring. Hope this helps.


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