Home Discussion Forum Can you explain to me what folk Taoism is?

Can you explain to me what folk Taoism is?

Is it pretty much the same as religious Taoism or is it very different? And does it still incorporate the same things like the yin yang, qi energy etc. Thank you!


  1. taoist are the folk. taoism supports and blends with the philosophies of other traditions and beliefs of the chinese and asian culture, like that you mentiond, yin and yang it is about balancing the inner spirit.

  2. Taoist do not focus on life after death like Christians. Instead they work out practical ways to live as long as they can be immortal. Here are a few of their beliefs: The Tao literally means ‘the way’ or ‘path.’ It is the way of the universe, the way one should organize their life. You get there by practicing Wu Wei, which literally means inaction. We must avoid all aggression by doing things that are natural and spontaneous. We should live passively, avoiding all stress and violence.
    The Yin and Yang: You’ve seen it on clothes, skateboards, necklaces, and that kind of stuff. Basically the yin-yang symbol represents the tension between good, yin, and bad, yang, things in the world. It goes a little like this. Yin: Male, positive, good, light, and life. Yang: Female, negative, evil, dark, and death.
    In Taoism, yin and yang are positive and negative principles of this universe. One cannot exist without the other, and they often represent opposites. As you have more and more yang, eventually yin will appear to balance it out, and vice versa. As you travel around the circle, white or black will increase, until the opposite color is almost gone, but never totally gone. The cycle then repeats for the opposite color.
    Wu Wei literally means ‘without action.’ It’s one of the main concepts from Taoism. It means that you make something look easy so that it seems like you’re not having to work hard at doing something. By following Wu Wei, you are closely following ‘the way.’ Harmony can only be achieve by looking as the world turned upside down.
    Governing: Government should follow ‘the way’ in governing the people as well. Specific chapters in the “Tao te King” describe the ideal way of governing people. They can be summarized in these key points: Do not emphasize status, intelligence, or possessions; govern with the least amount of visibility and with a serving attitude; reduce laws govern lightly; take few actions that involve the people; treat other counties non-aggressively.
    Three characteristics that Taoist cherish: Compassion which leads to courage; moderation which leads to generosity; humility which leads to leadership. Afterlife: They focus on achieving immortality; but if they do die, they return to the Tao. Their worldview is atheistic. So they don’t even believe in God.
    Yin and Yang: http://www.healingtherapies.info/images/Yin__Yang.gif
    Ritual: When a middle-class Chinese person dies, they are given a three-day funeral with Taoist dancers. They do different thing to make sure the person doesn’t get held up with the gods, their ancestors, on their way to heaven, like burn a death certificate and play music.


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