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Can you explain the difference between the Vajrayana Primordial Buddha and a Creator God?


  1. There is no difference between the two. Vajrayana is a religion that really has nothing much to do with buddhism. At most it is “Buddhist inspired Tibetan Shamanism”.

  2. In Buddhism, there is no difference between anything. Buddha Nature is eternal, and inherent in all things. Many call this God, the Absolute, Nature, Life, Eternity, Being, Light, Love. A thousand words that all mean nothing. Speaking them is to immediately misunderstand them.

  3. The Primordial Buddha is neither a Creator, nor a God.
    God is neither primordial (according to Buddhism), nor a Buddha (a fully enlightened being).

  4. Buddha is a man who strove to lift himself out of the mire of this life.
    Creator God out of His mercy and grace lifts men out of that mire.

  5. Yes I can explain there is no such being as Vajrayana Primordial Bud ha. Bud ha is something that comes from mans own concept. All religion and other Gods. Come from the tree of knowledge of good evil which God commanded man not to eat of in Genesis 2:17. If man would have not disobeyed and ate of the tree of life that represents God, you would not be asking this question.
    However God our creator and father made away for man to partake of the tree of life. By sending His son Jesus Christ.
    who is both our complete God and perfect man.
    When we receive Christ as our savior we are taking God into us. Christ is now the reality of the tree of life. The way God has ordained man to Get Gods life into him that man would receive eternal life eternal salvation.

  6. Primordial Buddha is emptiness itself, where all conditioned phenomena ceases. it is, like the Pure Land in Chinese Buddhism, a metaphor. reaching primodial buddha is akin to reaching the final or 4-8 levels of jhana, where all skandhas, ie, form, feeling, perception, mental formation & consiousness disappear. it is liberation from Samsara.
    in Tibetan terms this may be called the clear light of bliss, in Theravada you could call it Nibbana or Nirvana.
    All conditioned things are inherently empty of substance, this is the original state, or the primordial state. hence primordial buddha


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