Can you explain how if I heal something within, externally the world changes?





by Kasey pink is LOVE:

Besides the obvious? Or maybe the obvious isn’t obvious to me?
How do collective energies and individual energies (inner/outer) play together when big discoveries of self are made?
I ask this because back in 2008 when I basically shook my inner reality (illusion) to pieces by the discovery (re-discovery) that I was in fact a soul & not just a human (and I first felt unconditional love/joy)..there was a hurricane and the collapse of Lehman Brother’s/stock market. Coincident or not? Did that energy that was responsible for shifting my external reality also shift me internally first? Or did a HUGE change in perception somehow alter the collective?
I have never been able to ask this question and have wanted to for like a year….I didn’t want anyone to think I was too crazy lol! I don’t mind as much anymore 🙂
As always…no thumbs down from me…all answers are accepted and appreciated!
I know this sounds crazy…maybe a less delusional way of asking this is: just how deep does the interconnection of us all as a collective being run alongside the the self as an individual? Did external or internal affect the other…or perhaps it was plain ol’ coincidence? I honestly don’t know for sure…but it has always seemed a big coincidence that this reality externally started to shift recently (last 15 or so years…) as more and more of us ‘wake up’ and make shifts internally…

Answer by ews
You are straight up delusional


  1. You are looking for causation ALA the “Butterfly Effect”, except you are thinking that something occurring on the mental plane affects the physical plane, which can and does happen. However, finding the exact cause of an event you would have to access the akashic records and know how to read/understand them. There are no coincidences.

  2. In life there are so many coincidences out of which you can make miracles. Once you are bent upon making a miracle then any coincidence can be turned into a miracle.
    The word coincidence seems very unscientific. Coincidence means chance. By chance a foot might begin to see and a hand to hear. But there does not seem to be much coincidence; everything seems to be in order, prearranged.
    Each one is connected to the whole, and each one is all the time affecting the other and being affected by the other. Even when you pass by a stone lying on the road, it is throwing its vibrations in your direction. The flowers too are throwing out their vibrations. And you are not just passing by, you too are throwing out your vibrations.
    A tiny blade of grass has an impact on the sun, and the sun has its impact on the blade of grass. The blade of grass is not so tiny that the sun can say, “I do not care about you,” nor is the sun so big that it can say, “What can this blade of grass do for me?”
    Life is interconnected. Here nothing is big or small or work of coincidence; everything is one organic unity and is connected.
    May you always shine like a Star and be fragrant like a Flower,
    God bless your Life with infinite Love and Peace, Amen.

  3. What you see “out there” is a reflection of the inner.
    So, to change what you see one must remove what distorts the inner mirror & learn to keep it polished.
    If you want to know the state of your mind & heart, just take a long clear look at your immediate surroundings & circumstances.
    I was not pleased with coming to understand this when it happened for me.
    It meant I was never a victim & at that time in my life being a victim was all I knew, LOL!
    As within, so without!
    How deep does our interconnection go?
    There simply is no separation.
    When your understanding of Self expands to meet Reality & include what we call others, then giving, receiving, & loving are forever changed for you.
    You cease to experience loss of any kind in giving to “others” because they are you!
    You give but to yourself.
    This Unity experience changes you & your perception in ways words could never explain.
    In our perception here we are so locked in that we do not realize that all we think we know about how it works in inside out & backwards because we are looking without at a mirror image!
    That is why we say one must go within & learn to Be Still & observe!
    Many Blessings!

  4. 1. Morphogenetic fields, studied and demonstrated by Rupert Sheldrake. He has a significant online presence.
    2. The Database of Human Consciousness, validated and demonstrated by Dr David R Hawkins in his book “Power versus Force”.
    3. Lynne McTaggart, in her popular book, distills most of the current knowledge in the field on the topic. Her book is called “The Field” and is pretty wonderful actually.
    Any or I suggest all of these would give you an excellent education in how nonlocal influence unfolds.
    Every kind act supports all of humanity through all of time; now we can prove it!

  5. If you mean that when things happen in the world it makes you think more seriously of your purpose here, how you feel about many things and just in general look inside yourself, the answer is yes. You do not cause the world to change but the changing of the world can cause you to change.

  6. It is good to recognise that the external is actually within as much as without. No one thing exists independent from any other – internally or externally as they are all one “thing”. Inside is not independent from outside so there is no real mystery – it is actually quite scientific. No separation. It just sometimes feels separated and mysterious. This interdependence is also understood as the emptiness of all from which come the ten thousand things – pure latent potential that appears as duality or inside and outside, right and wrong, yes and no. Also expressed as “Form is Emptiness and Emptiness is form” Feelings themselves, are form in this context. From emptiness come feelings. Feelings are emptiness and emptiness is feelings. Where does this feeling or sense that the world has changed appear? It is a perception and all perception lead, eventually, back to that non dual core of emptiness which we unavoidably are and which registers, with objects, as our consciousness. We are all directly hooked up. We are not a bunch of separate beings that inhabit a planet. We are the ever changing impersonal expression of life, interdependent and in actuality, undivided. Each time you notice this, you re-orient the particular node of consciousness that animates you, toward its’ true nature and away from personality. No wonder the “world” seems to change in this way. The impersonal looker is seeing things differently exactly as they are different.
    Lao tsu calls this the Tao – the interdependence of Yin and Yang.

  7. It’s so hard to explain in simple terms, but it changes the dynamics. It raises your personal vibrational frequency which raises your consciousness. This in turn creates a “ripple effect,” if you will.
    It’s like when you are a participant or even a witness to a random act of kindness, it affects the chemistry of the brain. It increases the production of endorphins and such and increases the immune system of everyone involved, and that in turn affects the world in its own way. Yes, we are ALL THAT connected. It’s such a beautiful, wondrous thing.

  8. We as a microcosm are a reflection of the universe, the macrocosm. The spiritual energies pulsating into our reality from the central sun (not the one we see) flood our existence with prolific energy. Although the obvious outcome is what we see as life and its reproduction in every form on the planet, the unobvious is the more refined, invisible spiritual growth of which the visible is but a dim reflection. ~*~

  9. Thumbs up to “This Is Not My Account”, makes a very good point that our inner reality is filtered by our perceptions, the menu is not the meal.
    Honestly I wouldn’t put much in the fact of the hurricane and collapse of the stock market. Two very small events by Earth standards, on one planet in billions in our universe, on one plane of existence versus many that are. When you really begin to taste what life is like when you’re not limiting yourself to a narrow range of the physical, you’ll understand that the reality we currently inhabit is really very insignificant. At least when viewed from the perspective of All That Is.
    The more I study, the more I am starting to believe that everything that happens to us personally, is a function of an inner emotional/mental state. Say if you find out you have an aggressive cancer. Something is literally “eating away at you” inside. If you find and deal with what is “eating away at you”, the cancer will stop growing, and start to regress. I have read of people who have actually successfully done this. I think the book is called something like “A Healing Journey”, sorry cannot remember the author.
    What happens ‘out there’ is not necessarily a reflection of us. How we are affected by what happens ‘out there’ DOES reflect on us. This doesn’t mean we are good or bad, right or wrong, for the fact. It simply points us to the lessons we have to learn.
    The way to know Spirit is through the heart. The mind can learn and teach, but it is limited. Heart relies on intuition and trust.
    Trust yourself and your intuition and you will do well. Another way to look at this is “being in the flow”.
    I hope this answers at least part of your question. You’re welcome to email me to discuss things more, through my profile here.

  10. The world you experience externally isn’t the world at large, but rather the world at large filtered through your unique sets of ideas and beliefs. Because people can only learn things in relation to things they already know, all new information that becomes available to an individual gets subconsciously checked against all information the individual has at the time. And in this way, a rough idea, map, reflection or general understanding, of the world at large is built for use when new information becomes available in the future. It’s not the world at large itself though. The map is not the territory, the menu is not the meal. Your reflection in a mirror is not you. The world you experience is not the world as it would be if you didn’t exist.
    So, a connection between a personal experience, a hurricane, and a stock market crash is quite obvious indeed, it’s you. All these things happened in your perception at a similar enough time for you to feel there was a connection. And so in your experience, there is a very real connection between these three things. However, if you’re looking for an external connection between the three, I feel like you’ll be looking for a very very long time. Understanding that you have just as much right to existence, and responsibility to act, as a hurricane or a stock market crash, might help you see my point though 😉

  11. AH HAH ! AT LAST ! TAH DAH !
    What did you have in mind when you sent Jesus Christ to earth to take away our sins ? Why did you let Yahweh hog the glory for Creation ? Where are you taking us and why ?
    What did you have in mind when you created wars ? Pestilence ? Was Mary really a virgin ?
    What was Adolf Hitler really like ?
    An then most importantly why did you give me a bunion on one foot and not the other ? Where did my Hemohroids go ? who did you give THEM to, and why ?
    I hope you don’t take offense at these questions because we have already had enough earthquakes and floods !
    Then I gotta know are you really the one or just related/well-connected ?

  12. The personal revelation that you experienced,may not have directly affected the stock market but it certainly has impacted you…As is common and expected protocol,with a given paradigm shift however,there follows an external causal effect…What you believe and act on,Will cause external change..The Definition of “external change” however and degree of impact,can never be predicted…The greatest of advanced mathematical theorists,would be overwhelmed,in the attempt..

  13. “Did that energy that was responsible for shifting my external reality also shift me internally first?”
    Your question is hard (for me) to address. The following may veer from the subject a bit but it is interesting. This, my answer, is also found below: “Everything is organic and living, and therefore the whole world appears to be a living organism.? In this light, it becomes clear or understandable “How do collective energies and individual energies (inner/outer) play together when big discoveries of self are made?”
    I believe what you are suggesting is true and on an even larger scale of serendipity that permeates the entirity of creation. One big organism slowly changing according to pre-existent “Ideal Forms”.
    “Whatever Science may think, however ? and exact Science is a fickle dame, as we all know by experience ? Occultism knows and teaches differently, from time immemorial ? from Manu and Hermes down to Paracelsus and his successors.
    Thus Hermes, the thrice great Trismegistus, says: ?Oh, my son, matter becomes; formerly it was; for matter is the vehicle of becoming.* Becoming is the mode of activity of the uncreate deity. Having been endowed with the germs of becoming, matter (objective) is brought into birth, for the creative force fashions it according to the ideal forms. Matter not yet engendered had no form; it becomes when it is put into operation.? (The Definitions of Asclepios, p. 134, ?Virgin of the World.?)
    ?Everything is the product of one universal creative effort. . . . There is nothing dead in Nature. Everything is organic and living, and therefore the whole world appears to be a living organism.? (Paracelsus, ?Philosophia ad Athenienses,? F. Hartmann?s translations, p. 44.)
    (5.) The Universe was evolved out of its ideal plan, upheld through Eternity in the unconsciousness of that which the Vedantins call Parabrahm. This is practically identical with the conclusions of the highest Western Philosophy ? ?the innate, eternal, and self-existing Ideas? of Plato, now reflected by Von Hartmann. The ?unknowable? of Herbert Spencer bears only a faint resemblance to that transcendental Reality believed in by Occultists, often appearing merely a personification of a ?force behind phenomena? ? an infinite and eternal Energy
    Footnote(s) ???????????????
    * To this the late Mrs. (Dr.) Kingsford, the able translator and compiler of the Hermetic Fragments (see ?The Virgin of the World?) remarks in a foot-note; ?Dr. Menard observes that in Greek the same word signifies to be born and to become. The idea here is that the material of the world is in its essence eternal, but that before creation or ?becoming? it is in a passive and motionless condition. Thus it ?was? before being put into operation; now it ?becomes,? that is, it is mobile and progressive.? And she adds the purely Vedantic doctrine of the Hermetic philosophy that ?Creation is thus the period of activity (Manvantara) of God, who, according to Hermetic thought (or which, according to the Vedantin) has two modes ? Activity or Existence, God evolved (Deus explicitus); and Passivity of Being (Pralaya) God involved (Deus implicitus). Both modes are perfect and complete, as are the waking and sleeping states of man. Fichte, the German philosopher, distinguished Being (Seyn) as One, which we know only through existence (Daseyn) as the Manifold. This view is thoroughly Hermetic. The ?Ideal Forms? are the archetypal or formative ideas of the Neo-Platonists; the eternal and subjective concepts of things subsisting in the divine mind prior to ?becoming? ? (p. 134).
    Vol. 1, Page 282 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.
    from which all things proceed, while the author of the ?Philosophy of the Unconscious? has come (in this respect only) as near to a solution of the great Mystery as mortal man can. Few were those, whether in ancient or mediaeval philosophy, who have dared to approach the subject or even hint at it. Paracelsus mentions it inferentially. His ideas are admirably synthesized by Dr. F. Hartmann, F.T.S., in his ?Life of Paracelsus.?

  14. internal changes do *not* change the external world… but they do change how you perceive and respond to it…

  15. It is very seductive to link happening in the outside world to our feelings and intentions, but there really is no correlation. If you don’t believe me, get your keyboard to type by itself.

  16. I’d probably start by understanding that the Universe as a whole couldn’t give a toss what happens to your ‘inner reality’.
    You could have the most mind blowing moment of self realisation right now, that totally alters your concious thought processes and even leads to real changes to both your internal and external realities (whatever all that meant) – and causality wouldn’t give the slightest of shites.

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