Home Discussion Forum Can you explain how geranium crystals can be in your chakra?

Can you explain how geranium crystals can be in your chakra?

I’m reading this book by Elizabeth Owens, if your familiar with her writings, and I know they are used in todays electronics for frequency but the Third Eye is actually the pineal gland. So how can crystals be part of living tissue? I don’t get it? Help please?
OK She is intereviewing people here and writting their experiences. Warren here has subjective and objectively.
“Warren experiences both forms of claivoiance, depending upon the vibrations and his awareness and alertnass at the time. He defines subjective clairvoiyance as sometimes more vague and ethereal, since we are seeing with the minds eye. When I interviewed Warren, he mentioned that the peneal gland contains geranium crystals and responds to electrical vibrations. Geranium crystals are still used in electronics today. These crystals respond to vibrations or metal forms and are sensitive to electronic signals. In the body, they are sensitive enough to pick up a spirit entity or personality, or a psychic vibration. All this happens in the pineal gland.”
So I looked up Geranium Chrystals on wikipedia and the closest thing even close to an explination mention the ‘minds eye’ and the chakra….one more time…I don’t get it.
I am trying to learn how my own abilities work.


  1. Could you quote what exactly was said that you are trying to interpret?
    Obviously there are no crystals IN your chakra, but crystals can be used to help open, unblock, and heal chakras….because of their particular frequencies/vibrations, certain crystals are better for certain chakras.
    Well, never heard anything quite like that in my crystal healing classes or anything else. I will have to do some more research – but it’s gonna have to wait until after tomorrow with all this family holiday stuff going on.


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