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Can you cure a pathological laziness with Zen Meditation?

know it is a sin for a Buddhist to be lazy. I have been lazy all my life since I was a teen. I am intellectually fine but I rarely open a book at school because I was lazy. Now I want to change my life(at 48) and become a web developer but I am still being lazy and won;’t study on a regular bases. I started Zen meditation. Will Zen Buddhism help me fight this pathological laziness? Thanks for your time.

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  1. I think it’s just a distraction. Instead of sitting around “meditating” and really getting nothing done, you should do your studying.

  2. I’m not sure about being lazy but it should help your creative flow, so in the long run may inspire you to learn 🙂
    When you meditate, your brainwave lengths increase which, yeah, can literally give ideas or inspiration.
    Also you’ll be more relaxed, so if you’re just simply restless and cant ‘get into’ your work, maybe you can change your perception of it.. Zen has some awesome concepts on life – and they usually make a heck of a lot of sense 🙂
    Well worth a try I think — and think about what exactly you want from it and what you want from yourself~!

  3. I’m Buddhist and I’m lazy. It’s not a sin. There’s nothing wrong with laziness. Zen meditation WILL NOT HELP YOU WITH LAZINESS. It just makes you more lazy. If you do not want to be lazy, then do a hobby such as tennis, collect stamp, make out with girls. Don’t be stupid and do meditation.

  4. Isn’t that a bit of an Oxymoron? Meditation may not be precisely laziness but it hardly smacks of being up and active. At this rate you should be a web developer just prior to getting medicare. If you really wanted to do it, you’d be up and taking steps toward a goal instead of thinking about it. Now answer this question: Can sleeping pills cure narcolepsy?

  5. First: why did you choose this category?? Second there are no “sins” in Buddhism.
    Yes meditation can help you think clearly and logically see how work will help you (and give you the ability to help others) in the future. I meditate and it help me think clearly and not just say I can’t be bothered. It may take a while so meditate regularly.
    Good luck.
    To those who say that meditation is laziness the entire point of it is concentration and focus on your thoughts not laziness, if you still think it is try it.

  6. I’ve battled with this myself, and I’m sorry the answer is more complicated than you’d like, but here goes.
    Meditation ALONE won’t “cure” anything, but it’s part of a complete package. The Buddhist eightfold path also includes “right effort” which applies to meditation as well as anything else that requires energy.
    I understand there are those activities that fall into the category of “crapIdon’twannadobutIknowIgottado.” And for a long time I sat in my very messy apartment meditating thinking this would solve everything. The problem was that when my room was messy, my mind was messy. After awhile I got the pictures. So I ended up cleaning my room just so my meditation would be better. Really your actions need to be purified on some level before meditation will do you any good, but your meditation can also then reflect back on your actions.
    When you become a meditator there is a subtle shift in priorities that can occur. Doing the crapyougottado is less of a chore, more in and of itself a kind of meditation.
    What I do sometimes when my house is a mess is I meditate for 20 or 30 minutes, then clean for 30 minutes, then meditate for 30 minutes again. I’ve had days where I did this for 8 hours, (so 4 hours of each). I actually got more cleaning and chores done in that time then a week otherwise, becuase my activity was so much more focused.
    I’d recommend a balanced approach. Don’t expect meditation to be a “cure” for anything, but make it part of a complete package.
    BTW, It’s a constant battle. Habits are hard to change. I’m better than I used to be, but right now my apartment needs some help, and here I am on yahoo.


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