Home Discussion Forum can you cure a cyst naturally with alternative therapies?

can you cure a cyst naturally with alternative therapies?

traditional chinese medicine?
The Secret?
Yoga/Qi Gong?
Reiki? Energy Therapies?
do you guys recommend medical surgery?


  1. Both my sister and I received acupuncture to eliminate cysts. Hers, the size of a grapefruit, mine, many small ones.
    She was scheduled for surgery and found a Korean acupuncturist, underwent 3 months of acupuncture, went back to the surgeon and he was amazed that there was not a trace of her large cyst. Surgery was the only way to get rid of it, he said. But it was gone.
    I went for 1 month and have had none since. All of this was in 1982.
    Acupuncture balances the energy and allows the body to actually heal itself.
    I also used acupuncture as an aid for my first child’s delivery. She was born breech, naturally, without any complications, medications, or anaesthesia.
    I would recommend acupuncture or any combination of natural treatment that you have solid recommendations for.
    This is only one. And no, unless it is life threatening, I would try to avoid surgery. Correct the problem by balancing your system. Surgery will only cut it out and not eliminate the imbalance that is causing you to have a cyst in the first place. It will just grow back in another place in time if you would go the surgery route.

  2. Oftentimes yes, although it depends on where it is (ie. I know absolutely nothing about what to do for ovarian cysts). On the other hand, if you have cysts on your breasts, not wearing a bra for a few months is normally all you need to do to get rid of it.
    If the cyst is being caused by lymph drainage being blocked (as in the case of breat cysts), all you really need to do is remove whatever agent was blocking the lymph flow, and massage the area to get it moving again.
    I was raised around a very good Qi Gong doctor, so most of my clinical experience comes from that approach, and I can tell you it will work, provided you get a good teacher (which can be hard).
    There probably are other approaches which work as well, but I never bothered to figure out what they were since that approach worked enough of the time.
    If you’d like any further info I can provide it.
    *I rarely recommend surgery.

  3. There’s a technique called EFT which is costless, easy to do and very efficient. I have used it for 2 little spots on my nose that none of the treatments I’ve tried worked. I’ve been doing it for about a month, once a day and it’s almost completely gone now. You can find out more information and even get a free (donate if you want) consultation here: http://www.info-santanyi.com/eftservice/eftforall.html


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