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Can you conduct a seance using tarot cards?

As in, instead of a ouija board and if it is possible, how can I do this?


  1. Tarot cards were originally for a game that is still played in France today. Do you actually take something like that seriously?

  2. I don’t believe so, but you could always try. As to how…I have never conducted a seance, I am not sure you even really can communicate with those beyond, so I don’t have any idea how you would do so. The Tarot does not lend itself to yes and know answers. I would think you would be better off trying something simpler, such as black pebble for no and a white pebble for yes.

  3. When you use these things you must understand your messing with things that you dont understand. Evil spirits are behind the power that those things have.

  4. I don’t know about doing a seance, for I have never done one and from what my understanding is of them, one does not need any tool really to do this, just the knowledge and skill of how to invite those who have passed on. I believe, typically, a medium has to lead a seance.
    Now that does not mean that you can’t use tarot to ‘communicate’ with the dead.
    I wonder how many people that have answered NO to your question have even tried to use tarot in this manner.
    Speaking from expereince, I have made connections with those that have passed on with tarot.
    One ‘reading’ if it could be called that, but the cards were given direction- my focus was to ‘hear’ anything that my lover wanted to tell me. He had been killed and I missed him. I did not want a ‘reading’ I just wanted to ‘hear’ him.
    I pulled 5 cards, the first card was ‘his’ card, as if saying, “I’m here.”
    The rest of the cards went on to congratulate me on winning a tournament I was in. We used to play together in tournaments – one card in particular was VERY specific about this.
    The rest is quite personal, but in essence I was given ‘hugs’ and support.
    I could ‘hear’ and ‘feel’ his words.
    Another reading I did was a general reading, the person just wanted to be shown what ever the Universe felt that he needed to be shown. What came up was the spirit/soul of a baby-boy that had been born, ill & with deformities, 20 years prior and had died shortly after birth. The child had ‘things’ to ‘tell’.
    My generality & lack of details is not from trying to decieve or anything like that, it is just reading can be very personal and the details of a reading done for another person is not something I am willing to share as a matter of confidentiality.
    I delivered the reading and all the information I had received from the babies spirit was confirmed by my client.
    The message was exactly what the person needed to hear. In the end, they told me that the baby had reciently come into their mind and stuck there for many days, even after having not really thought about him(baby) in many years.
    So, those loved ones that are on the other side can use tarot to bring a message.
    How it is done, that is up to the individual who is working with the cards. Finding what works can be a process of trial and error.

  5. Merry Meet Nerd Girl,
    Yes you can conduct séances while using Tarot, Oracle or Runes. We limit ourselves with our perspective of things. If you already are thinking of doing a séance, you have already opened the door to new experiences. These experiences can be good or bad depending upon how much energy into it. Hopefully you add a lot of knowledge and skill to the equation.
    Most Psychics use one for of scrying or divination during a séance, this is so the full drain is not directly applied to them. Some, but not all, allow the channeling process to go through them instead of other objects or tools. To me its personal choice and that choice should be made fro a person with skill and experience.
    Sorry for my rambling, but I hope my blurp has helped out some.
    Blessed Be


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