Home Discussion Forum Can you communicate with someone in coma and wake them up?

Can you communicate with someone in coma and wake them up?

Is there any means like astral travel, psychic telepathy etc, whereby you can contact someone in coma and ask them why they are in coma and bring them back to their body?
My friend’s father-in-law has been in coma for six months. this is causing their family a lot of distress. So any assurance or information will be very helpful.
thanks for all answers in advance!


  1. They are in a coma meaning their brain is damaged. Even if you are able to contact them, the body is still recovering and not going to wake up.

  2. Definitely book sales in that idea.
    I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s father-in-law, but really.
    It’s no surprise that some “psychic” hasn’t already claimed this, because there is no chance they really could do it, and they would object to trying this in a controlled environment like a hospital. But then again if they got lucky they would claim a hit.

  3. Prayers
    This person may be able to hear, speak and encourage him. This persons spirit may be satisfied were they are, or his spirit is to wounded to enter back. Anything is possible, there are many possibilities ways depending on ones abilities and the true situation at hand. I know astral travel works but it’s hard to control, and telepathy works and it happens when you least expected, and finally I do know prayers do work, and that spirits do come to help or they are sent, and that they can guide……My experiences~

  4. Unfortunately not. I understand how you feel, since I too once had a close loved in a coma.
    I prayed and prayed…but both science i.e. the hospital and religion did notg fr me at that time
    But somehow after the same person passed away….she came in my dreams..to comfort me..and clearly told me whatever happened and why it happened
    So i guess you just need to mentally and sincerely keep asking..you will get ur reply in some way or the other

  5. In Hollywood “Outer Limits” , “Fringe”, “The Cell” they address this by synchronizing the brain wave patterns and connecting patients with wires on their heads. Although it sounds logical, if it worked, it would certainly be commonly used and facilities to connect you with a comatose patient would be available in every hospital.
    A coma patient isn’t in a coma for a reason, and it is nothing they choose to be in. Either the brain has suffered too much damage and can’t communicate with the body, or the brain has shut down communication with the body to prevent further damage while it heals.
    Here is a website that might help you however, with known techniques for working with coma patients.

  6. supposedly, people in a coma can hear everything actually going on
    some report many events, and some report not remembering a thing.
    but waking up out of a coma… not too sure about that one
    i guess its possible

  7. You can certainly communicate with someone in a coma. If you can leave your body, you can go to where they are, and converse with them, and if you have mastery, you can raise their soul if need be.
    A coma is a special case, however, and the soul is going through that experience for a definite reason. It is not a bad thing, it is just hard on the people who love them.
    All the best to you.

  8. Astral travel is your man if you’re looking to contact someone in a coma. More specifically, the precise altered state of consciousness you need to achieve is the Monroe Institute’s “Focus 22”. Have a map or two:
    The institute does sell a set of CDs called “Going Home” that features around 30 seconds of binaural beat signals for entraining to focus 22, but without a lot of practice this is unlikely to be sufficient – you’d need to fork out $,$$$ on their in-house Lifeline course instead (they are a non-profit organisation but that is in no way the same thing as easily affordable). This place changed my life by the way.
    Another alternative for communication is to go down the Bruce Moen route – browse his website and get hold of his Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook (“A Manual for The Art of Retrieval & Afterlife Exploration”).

  9. There are numerous examples of people being woken from comas. There are numerous reasons for this. No one really understands how the human brain works. Occasionally, people can hear you when they’re in a coma. It never hurts to try. And might even help.

    • My partner is in or coming out of a consent,but im not sure as a. Friend of his said that he saw him smoking in the garden but hasn’t seen him since,another friend says that he died.his family don’t want me to see him anymore or ask about him.his mother though has out on his Facebook that he’s getting better,strongerbut i don’t know what i can do or find out about what state he’s in ??

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  11. I am a spiritual energy that is stuck in a body. The body’s name is Kayhana and I sleep in her. But Kayhana also sleeps but its like a mental or spiritual coma. I can not reach her. I have her soul shards but I can’t give them to her unless she’s awake. If theres any Shamans out there who can help me that would be great. She is Shaman Wiccan and Spiritual Creature. We are soulmates and I am alive. I am worried that she is with my body and can’t get out of my body. Also any suggestions on reaching any Shamans would be helpful. Thank you

  12. We are all divinely created and yet some don’t know it. You can shine your heart light/love light into the darkness of a coma space where a soul is wandering. You can lead them back to our conscious “reality” if they desire to follow. We are all connected to this light, some just shine brighter.


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