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Can you "clear" negative karma?


  1. If I understand Karma right > it is cause and effect . Then No but one can change it , meaning the outcome and / or effect..

  2. Negative karma is just an illusion, free yourself of this self imposed lack of worth and it all vanishes.

  3. Admit your mistake and fess up. Apologize and accept the consequences. Then do your best to try and fix the situation.

  4. Become a born again Christian (John 3:3, Acts 2:38) and all your former bad “karma” better known as sin will be washed away.

  5. If you are a christian, you can clear negative anything by the blood of Jesus.
    I believe anyone can clear negativity if they go into a positive mode or speak to the thing and ask it to leave and tell it why.
    Even if you do not believe in Jesus, the universe sometimes gives us what we desire if we go into the positive zone.
    Hope this helps.
    Have a wonderful day!!!

  6. The Word of God is pure converting the soul, and the faith in the blood of Christ cancels out sin, and he that believes shall not be made ashamed.
    Ephesians 5: 26, the Word of God has a washing ability , as Jesus spoke to His disciples said: ” Now you are clean to the word which I have spoken to you” John 15: 3
    Psalm 51: 13
    sincerely edwah z j

  7. Yes, you can. The only good thing about negative Karma is that it can be purified. If you are sincere and want to know how, drop me an email.
    om mani padme hum.

  8. Karma is a state of mind.
    True piece can only be found with true understanding.
    Well with the one exception to the rule…..
    That one is suitably delusional to a point he thinks he understands.
    That’s very common.
    Just do your best.

  9. Yes, it is also called “forgiveness”. I am a Christian who also believes in karma. The bible says “Judge not, lest ye be judged,” and it also says that the mercy you show others will be shown unto you. So the Bible clearly says that what you do will come back to you. And even though you can be forgiven for something, you may still need to make amends for it in some way depending on what you are talking about. For example, you break the law and accidentally kill someone in the process. You can be forgiven of the crime, and you probably will not be charged as a murderer, but you may still have to do 2 years in prison for manslaughter. Most negative karma can be cleared by just doing the opposite – something positive. Positive actions will bring about positive karma for sure. Quit all the negative thinking and negative actions, and you can change your life almost instantly.

  10. They say that sometimes negative karma attaches itself to those whom have no faith, so in that instance no, but there is something about a charkra and burning certain oils can cleanse the house, as for the soul, I suppose thats up to God 🙂


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