Can you cause sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming?





I have read a few times that if you lie in bed at night on your back with your arms by your sides, and stay completely still for about 25-30 your body goes into paralysis and you can start lucid dreaming.
Does anyone know if this is true?


  1. By calling it instinct, they leave themselves room to have
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  2. No, lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis are two completely different things.
    Lucid dreaming is being able to control your dreams. You can facilitate lucid dreams by keeping a dream journal and writing in it after you have a dream. You can also ask yourself during the day time if you are dreaming and pinch yourself, you can also look at a clock several times a day.
    Sleep paralysis is when your mind wakes up before body. You are able to see around you but you can not move and speak. It lasts only a few second to a couple minutes. People might associate it with lucid dreams because during this time they may hallucinate but there mind is fully aware and is able to think what they want.
    To answer your question though you can cause lucid dreaming over time and there are some people that can bring themselves into the lucid dream like the two people above me. Though there is no way to make yourself have a episode of sleep paralysis, there are causes though. I listed two links, one that will give advice on lucid dreaming the other on the causes that of having sleep paralysis.

  3. A definite YES to that question.
    I’ve done it and know how to do it but it requires self-hypnosis which takes a lot a practise to achieve.
    I can explain the technique if anyone is interested…
    I must say that the experience is well worth the time and patience.
    It’s a real trip because you decide what you want to happen next, lol.
    Just a precision, though. The experience is physical and not visual.

  4. yes if ur mind is still awake while ur body falls asleep u can bring ur conciousness with u into the dream world. i have done it a few times after i have woken up early in the morning, i just dont move or open my eyes at all then i drift back into the dream aware of wats happening, never done it when ive 1st gone to bed i imagine my mind is to sleepy at that time. but yes its true

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