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can you build up so much negative energy in yourself that sometimes a person can just have bad luck?

by touching you
my friend and co worker really disliked my boss and his negative energy almost killed him , i get the feeling that my friend has some sort of way to control energy (i know this sounds crazy) but he is a bit weird sometimes ,i have always noticed that whenever he stares at someone ,something or the other bad happens to him/her


  1. Haha, as much as it would be super cool to have this power exist, I think it’s just coincidence.
    Extreme negativity can cause “bad luck” in the person who has the negativity because of lack of drive and concentration.

  2. Pure circumstance. However surrounding yourself with negative people will sap your positive energy. So anything negative that would have happened to you anyway while you were positive, will only seem bigger and obvious when you are also negative. A positive frame of mind will diminish or not focus on negative occurances.
    Anyway – it still sounds like an awesome super power.

  3. I would think that it IS possible – at least theoretically.
    You ARE spot-on to think that energy CAN be contagious. It iS – ESPECIALLY if it is being “broadcast” at a higher amplitude than the natural energy range of the recipient!
    The discovery of brainwaves and thre invention of the EEG machine to measure them have provided us with PROOF POSITIVE that the human mind DOES emit a measurable energy field. The discovery of Kirlian photography (which involves exposing living things – plants, animals and human beings – to low intensity electrical fields and photographing them) has given us even FURTHER scientific and visual proof of this.
    The reason we are not all telepathic is that each of us broadcasts on his/her own frequency and for a signal to be sent and received, the sender and receiver must be tuned to the same wavelength. Even though our frequency ranges overlap, the chances of any two individuals being at exactly the SAME point on their energy spectrum at the same micro-second of time, is astronomical. (Even if two people are thinking about the same THING at the same TIME, their individual thoughts ABOUT it will generally vary enough to separate their bandwiths far enough to prevent their frequencies from crossing.)
    It may be poossible that the person you speak of can project his negativity at a strong enough amplitude to bridge that minor gap in frequency ranges that normally would prevent such a connection. A stronger signal WILL cover a wider bandwidth and CAN be picked up where a weaker one couldn’t.
    You mention “touching”, though. I don’t know if physical contact is or even should be necessary – it could and probably WOULD enhance the strength of the connection, though.
    Really, it sounds like this guy is a lot of bad news in human form! You are fortunate to be on his good side, NOW, but be aware that this could change and YOU could find yourself endangered by your association with him.


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