Can you break your fast if you are about to loose consciousness?

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Say you’re about to pass out from thirst because you live in a very very hot climate. You are miles away from help, but you do have a water bottle. Can you break your fast to keep yourself from passing out? And is there any punishment for intentionally breaking your fast in this situation?
Thank you, Shukran, Jazakullah-Khair.

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Voilà ! It's VwaLa!

No. Only HEALTHY people are meant to fast, and so, if fasting endangers one’s life, they must break it, as Allah orders us to look after ourselves. The prophet also ordered us to take care of our health/body.And so, in order to maintain ourselves we must break it (but we must make up for it later).
Do you now what is in cough medicine? ALCOHOL. But yet, if we are suffering from a cough, we MUST take it because we are unwell, and so, it becomes acceptable for us to have it.
It’s just like drinking alcohol or eating pork when there is no other food available for a starving person, as Allah makes that food halal for them UNTIL they reach a place where there is other halal foods around.
Ma salama!

Muhammad B

“Allah puts no burden on any person beyond what He has given him.
Allah will grant after hardship, ease.”
Al- Quran [at-Talaaq, 65:7]
You can break the fast in extreme cases like that, but you will need to make up for it later.


Well, one of the main things about Islam is that even though it seems like a strict religion it’s not.
I mean, gosh, you’re going to pass out. That’s not just some other thing. It’s unhealthy. You’d be considered ‘ill’. So yes, you can break your fast.


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