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Can you Book of Shadows be used as a normal journal as well as a book for spells and rituals?

I found this really nice book of shadows but it is a lot of money. If it cannot be used as a journal I will not get it.


  1. Yes. A BOS is more than just a place to write about spells and rituals. It can be a place to write about your dreams, stuff you want to accomplish, or just how you are feeling that day.

  2. Most definitely. A lot of people who are pagan or wiccan are really in touch with there emotional and spiritual side so journaling is just a natural thing for those people and where better to write these things than in a BOS?

  3. Yes, it is yours, use it however you want. Whatever works for you. A Book of Shadows is a very personal item for a someone in the craft. I have a journal that I use to write my spell and magickal work, then I have a binder for materials from online sources or workshops. However, I don’t think it is necessary to spend big money on a journal. I bought a very nice journal at Borders for less then $20.00.
    Additional comment to Hitchens. – Tell me where it says that this is strictly a Christian Forum? The title is Religion and Spirituality. And for your information Wicca has been a recoginized religion in the US since 1956. If you don’t like what someone has posted you don’t have to read it or respond to it.

  4. You can use your BOS for whatever you like. Technically a Book of Shadows IS commonly a journal of your spiritual studies and practice.
    I personally keep my mundane everyday journal separate from my journaling of rituals, spells, Wiccan and witchcraft research and the like, but that’s me – I find it easier to look up info in my BOS that way….but you can combine both in one if you like.
    Also you could make your own BOS, you don’t have to buy some fancy expensive journal book just because it’s goot “Book of Shadows” printed on the cover. My BOS is a 3 ring binder. I decorated the cover of it the way I wanted. I find it’s much easier to keep information organized when pages can be taken out and rearranged and grouped into categories and such. But again, this is my personal preference. Heck, in this modern-day time, some witches don’t even have a CD Rom of Shadows or Flash Drive of Shadows in order to conserve paper.
    What would give you the idea that any book full of blank paper couldn’t be used as a journal? Honestly, I’m curious where this came from.
    Wow Hitchens – The Y!A category is “Religion and Spirituality”, not “Christians Only”.
    And regarding your statement – “This is America”…you’re absolutely right…in America there is freedom of religion….that’s why our European forefathers settled here, to build a land where religion could be practiced freely as one saw fit to practice it for themselves.
    Unless you are Native American, you are just as much a foriegner as the rest of us whose ancestors traveled here from other lands and settled.
    It appears it is you who doesn’t like America for what it is…perhaps you should go find a Theocracy to live in.
    Lushious….how exactly does some cardboard and paper bring dark energy? From what you imply here, any notebook you pick up in the stationary section of your local store could do the same….alll those kids who use notebooks for school…do you think they’re all bringing dark energy by writing in those notebooks? (I also think you meant to say “bible thump” not “bible bash”)
    ETA – I retract my statements directed at Hitchens, who has made it clear that she was joking, mocking. But I’ve come across plenty of others here who really do seem to think that Religion & Spirituality = Christianity only.

  5. It can be used as a regular journal too. It’s your Book of Shadows, so if you want to record your bathroom visits in it, that’s your prerogative. lol
    Many people use their Book as a regular journal also. It is actually beneficial to do so. Then you can look back and see what was going on in your life and what your emotions were when you performed spells. That provides a significant amount of insight when figuring out why spells work or don’t work.

  6. Absolutely!! The book of shadows is for whatever you feel is important to YOU and your practices. Journaling is a great way to keep track of events in our lives and what better place to put that information than in your Book of Shadows
    @Hitchens – Your SN says it all..FAIL!! Whether or not you like it, America is NOT a Christian nation and never was, and dispite your attitude towards those who are not Christian, they have a RIGHT and FREEDOM to practice how and what they want! Don’t like it, leave America!

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