Can you become superfit from doing pilates and yoga only?





I love running, but keep getting an ankle injury everytime I try, so perhaps it’s time to try other forms of exercise.
Can you have a supertoned body from doing pilates one day, yoga on the next day, for 1 hr six days a week?


  1. I believe this is a great method to become fit for nearly no expenses. There’s a lot of TV-shows telling people to get all kind of weird equiment. Interesting entry.

  2. It will help to tone your body but you need cardio to keep the body fat down else you wont see the muscle tone. Why don’t you try the cross trainer – it’s less harsh on your joints? Just a thought.

  3. Not ‘superfit’ as it is only stretching etc.
    You need to do some intense exercise, eg. swimming.
    Cardio exercise and pilates will make you physically fit.
    Ovcourse, i’m talking about fitness, not appearance wise.

  4. I have heard that Yoga is a great exercise because you use your own weight to strength train yourself. So, if this is true it is quite possible to become very fit just doing Yoga and Pilates. Maybe you could join a gym and attend classes.
    Good Luck 🙂

  5. Both are wonderful, but throw in some cardio – swimming would help too and being weight bearing won’t hurt your ankle.

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