Can you be like Lao Tsu's Sage?

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Lao Tsu says, ‘The Sage does nothing, yet nothing remains undone.
It’s not a metaphor! He actually meant it.
T S Eliot said, ‘The Still Point at the centre of the turning world, that is where the dance is.’
T S Eliot knew a thing or two!
Can you be still and do nothing, watching the doing unfold?
Can you be the dance?

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I can be a cha-cha-cha if I really try.


Dead Can Dance.
We dance every day just by our movements, the sounds we make, & by just being. It is the way of the Tao.


Lao Tzu say: empty sage make most noise when struck, full one is silent…
Confucius say: a sage with a hand in his pocket feel cocky all day…

Stella S

It sounds a lot like being the Queen or Prince Charles. Yes, I could definitely be one of these sage guys.


I have really always been so. Why must you ask?


no, i’m too hyperactive.


Hi Jon,
Am reading the Tao Te Ching at present, funnily enough.
Centring is pleasant & fun.
Needs one to be deliberate, persevering & amenable, though.
Winning the opportunities is for me, a challenge. 🙂

Wood Uncut

I don’t know about ‘being the dance’ Jon, that I’m still working on. I can manage a few steps.
Sometimes things still remain undone. Usually the laundry! But when it’s a sunny day and there’s birdsong to listen to, what choice do I have?

michelle v

So far, what I have come to understand of this dance is this; that when I move into my zone of watcher, it doesn’t mean I actually sit on my behind and do nothing, The “nothing” for me refers to effortlessness – that place were I can accomplish ten times as much as I normally would in half the time.Wiith more clarity and knowing, and less “figuring out” in the head.
There is a place of flow, of right action, that exists for all of us, all the time. Becoming the watcher allows you to be the dancer, without stress or attachment.


I LOVE michelle’s answer, but I’ll add my 2cents…
I’ve found that to BE the dance, you have to abandon your self to it. You can’t be thinking, “left forward, right side, left side, right back…” If you’re worried about which foot goes where, you’re not really dancing, you’re just practicing. To be the dance is when you can just move, effortlessly, enjoying the rhythm and flow with your partner. You’re just there, experiencing not exerting.
Peace to you.

magnolia flora

I Am
The wild flower
Doing nothing
Still flowering
And dancing to the upward wind.
Spreading fragrance
The perfume of love
Still doing nothing


The ‘realized/enlightened’ ones no longer have the conditioned “I” “Me” operating. In that sense, the thinking mind that operates from the self conscious sense of ‘doing’ doesn’t exist. So, in that sense there is ‘no one’ doing anything! Everything gets done, though. It is done from a level of clarity…no longer burdened with the heaviness of thought, e.g., the ruminating mind.
There is “chopping wood and carrying water” before and after “enlightenment”, however the personal sense of things are gone.
One is lighter and there is more freedom to dance!


To be in that place, what joy, or sorrow could disturb it. ~*~


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