• Taoism is both a philosophy and religion ;-p

    As a religion in China, taoists worship many gods ;-p

    As a philosophy, taoists don’t worship any god but live according to the way ;-p

  • Since Christianity is a set of beliefs, you can also have other beliefs, such as Islam, Jewish, Buddhism, anything you want. No beliefs can be verified so there is no way of determining which ones are correct and which are not. So believe away. Same as wishing on a star.

  • Most of the Moral values are similar but great differences are there in beliefs about God and kinds of worship and social customs like marriage, baptism and the like. Adherents of Taoism also have different sets of beliefs and practices.

  • Daoism (“Taoism”) is a philosophy. I suppose you could be a Christian Daoist though to me, Daoism makes more sense and is more nature-oriented.

  • if you are interested in learning things like Daoism, then forget your understanding of structured religion, because the truth is, belief systems are man made

    religion is what ever you want it to be, whether you are Christian or Daoist will not matter, doaism teaches you the way, the tune of the nature, that is all

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