Home Discussion Forum Can you be at the same time a clairaudio and a clairvoyant?

Can you be at the same time a clairaudio and a clairvoyant?

if you need any additional details im here to tell you any info you want.
Thanks for your answers


  1. yes, you can. I’ve found it to be rare that someone only has one gift, usually they have a combination of them, though one is usually stronger than the others, one tends to be their prominent gifts while the others sort of back it up (if you will).

  2. Of course you can be both. Like the guy above said, most people who have a gift have more than one. There will always be one that is far better than the rest. Maybe your sight it better, or maybe your sound is better. L&L

  3. Most “psychic” people have experiences in more then one ability, but usually there are abilities that are most oftenly experienced. Being psychic is not a set science, it is apart of metaphysics and metaphysics does not fit into a happy little box.
    You might find this website interesting if you are interested in developing your psychic abilities.

  4. Many people who are clairvoyant, also have some of the other ‘clairs’ as well. The pattern I have noticed with psychics is that they will be very good at, for example, clairvoyance and then have other talents in moderation. As a psychic, I think it’s important to enhance and define as many of your gifts as possible, I think it is all available inside of us to enhance.
    Personally, I am very clairvoyant and clairaudient. I think if I practiced more on the less used ‘clairs’ I could be good at that too. But those two ‘clairs’ are what come to me naturally.


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