• According to my research, the early Christians would be the one most near to being Real Christians [those who adopted Jesus’ teachings while He still lived and shortly thereafter]. Also the early Agnostics lived according to Jesus’ guidelines, whether they knew it or not. And guess what? Both Numerology and Astrology were respected methods of divination then. Like medicine and surgery they are both lost arts and subject to commercialization; why would it be amiss to gain insight into an issue?

  • Well it depends on how ignorant and weak the Christian is. Some half-hearted or weak Christians do worldly things, even those that were thought to be fairly strong might be seen doing worldly things that are damaging.

    It is wrong to go by astrology. We can pray any time and get our answers from God.

  • Only remember the first Bible was written in the stars ( the three kings where guided by a star ), but what happened after that the astrology was perverted and is not good any more.

  • But it is said to be known that God made this whole Universe and he did use a star to direct the wise man and other people to Baby Jesus,but i will say, what they say about Aries defines my true personality like 7 out of 2-3 is true about me. it just those scientist that are twisting up astrology and putting it into their owns words and use it as proof as of when the world will end

  • I don’t see why people can’t believe in both, how could you not believe in studies and surveys taken by people consistently from the earth.. instead you depend on a book… personally I am a religious/spiritual mutt… and I enjoy it. I honestly don’t know the answer to the questions, but I had to comment on some of these… well fairly psychotic answers… really now are some people that closeminded.. even I can consider a possiblity now and then before I make a final decision… phew I need to get out of this section before my head blows up

  • why do you need to look to the stars for your answers when you can look to the very one who made those stars.

  • I completely disagree with the statemant that someone can be a loyal Christian and have any association with the idea of evolution.

    You can’t sit there and say “God created everything. God created man. God created the planets and universe.” and then go “We evolved”.

    We have proof that humans and several other species evolved from creatures millions and millions of years ago. Saying its false makes you looks literally retarded.

  • Heck if you believe in virgin birth and talking snakes you can believe in ANYTHING. But believing in planets that can affect your birth is ABSURD. The sun far outweighs any planet, so don’t bother with astrology.

  • I don’t see why not.

    Both the Bible and astrology are based on hardly any scientific evidence.

    Kalle Jean!, don’t trust science? Then I guess you better throw your computer out the window. Never go to the doctor’s again either.

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